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The CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Research Exchange (ARX) is a research hub that brings together like-minded finance and investment management professionals to share, learn and engage on industry topics and trends specific to the Asia-Pacific region.
Initiated and developed by CFA Institute, ARX is user-driven and accepts contributions from finance and investment management industry professionals, government, regulators, academia, CFA® charterholders and candidates.

Mission Statement:

“The mission of the CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Research Exchange is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of investment management issues impacting the region through a platform based on contribution and engagement amongst peer practitioners.”

Aims and Objectives:

The CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Research Exchange strives to be a(n):
  • Platform for region-specific content about finance and investment management issues.
  • Tool for identifying emerging money management trends and ideas across the Asia-Pacific.
  • Community for industry insight and education.
  • Portal offering greater distribution potential to increase awareness, credibility and reputation of investment
    management practitioners and academics.
  • Active facilitator that stimulates greater cross-disciplinary discussion and debate about money management topics.
  • Bridge between different stakeholders within the Asia-Pacific investment management community that will expand
    your professional network.

How It Works:

Contributors to the ARX are granted non-exclusive permission to submit and make available material that can be viewed and accessed by all platform users. Contributors also retain the right to remove contributions from the platform at any time. The ARX applies minimal review of uploads and discussions to ensure content is non-slanderous, discriminatory or inflammatory and editorial review does not gauge or comment on the quality of submitted material. The ARX should not be considered a ‘publisher’ and does not take copyright over any content submitted.
Content contributed to ARX includes: 
  • Original research articles, papers, presentations, statistical output or data-set.
  • A summary of interesting research you have read, observed or heard.
  • Discussions on topics of interest through blogs and facilitated forums. 

For instructions on how to register an account, privacy policy and other details, see the FAQ section on this site.
Users can navigate and search the ARX platform by most recent posts, featured items, top downloads and trending discussions, or by topic, by keyword, by region and by author. ARX platform participants will receive statistical feedback about their contributions (e.g., number of views, comments and shares, demographics of readers who engage with the article etc.). Contributions are accepted in a variety of formats and the dedicated site allows users to view and retrieve material on different devices. 


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