IMN's 3rd Annual Global Investors' Conference on Securitisation in China

30 March 2019 ,8:00 AM | Beijing, China
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Date: 30- 31 March 2019
Venue: Kerry Hotel, Beijing
Registration starts at 08:00am
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1. Investor Rate - USD $295
2. Issuer Rate - USD $295
3. Standard Rate - USD $1,195

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Euromoney/IMN is proud to announce our new partnership with CAF100, the leading China securitisation industry group and host of an annual industry event attracting 1,000 structured finance professionals from across mainland China. These attendees include the major local originators and investors of ABS, as well as ratings agencies, law firms, and key Chinese regulators. With the addition of Euromoney/IMN as event partner, this year's event will feature a larger and more international audience including overseas investors, international investment banks, law firms, and ratings agencies. Given Euromoney/IMN's unique leadership position having hosted the largest securitisation industry conferences in the U.S. and Europe for the past 24 years, our firm is well positioned to place the Chinese ABS market on the international stage.

Total Chinese ABS issuance volume in 2017 hit a new record of 1.47 trillion RMB (216 billion USD). The global structured finance investor community can no longer afford to ignore this awakening giant. As yield spreads are tightened in the more mature U.S. and European ABS markets, the appeal of Chinese ABS as a new source of higher yielding quality assets is drawing international investor attention. In response, China has made significant efforts towards opening its markets to the international investor community through initiatives such as the Hong Kong Monetary Exchange's Bond Connect program. Now is the opportune time to invite this global audience to China to explore further cross border investment opportunities.

Likewise, the domestic buyer demand for Chinese ABS is so strong that we anticipate securitisation to remain a favored funding tool of choice for Chinese corporates. Therefore, the potential for this market to grow is very high given the robust domestic investor base. Our event will help to facilitate that growth by providing an educational and networking platform to the Chinese investor and issuer community. We will host sessions on a range of topics and expertise levels ranging from a Securitisation Basics Tutorial, to more advanced analyses of key domestic regulatory and legal developments and innovations in ABS deal structures and asset classes. During the course of our program, a sampling of topics we will address include:
  • Understanding ABS: Key terminology, concepts and structures
  • Bond Connect Primer: An overview of the registration process for international investors
  • Bond Connect 2.0: Opening access to the exchange market
  • A regulatory snapshot: Who are the main regulators of the Chinese ABS market and what are their individual remits?
  • Understanding the interbank market versus the exchange market? How do asset backed notes fit in?
  • SME funding: The next major opportunity for ABS?
  • Rating agency methodology: Is there a unique approach and methodology for rating Chinese ABS product? How do local ratings align with international?
  • Overview of asset classes and profiling the issuers: RMBS, consumer loans, SME loans, online lending, NPLs, factoring and leasing companies
  • Emerging products: CMBS and REITS
  • China issuers' panel: what is the appeal of securitisation for Chinese issuers versus other forms of debt financing?
  • Global investors' panel: what more can be done to improve the number of cross border securitisation deals? What are international investors demanding? Strategy for broadening the local investor base
  • Regulatory and legal framework in China: Harmonisation, will China develop a standard ABS regulatory framework? How will they align with European and U.S. regulation? What recourse do investors have in the event of bankruptcy or underperforming deals?
No other event will gather such a diverse cross-section of on shore Chinese ABS and RMBS issuers, senior officials from the regulators tasked with overseeing the market, and onshore and overseas institutional investors. They will be joined by the leading global international banks and law firms, the major Chinese banking and legal institutions, international ratings agencies, and other key service providers to the burgeoning Chinese ABS market.
  • Investment Banks (Underwriters/Structurers)
  • Attorneys at Law Firms and Regulatory Organizations 
  • Analysts for Investment Banks and Rating Agencies 
  • Broker/Dealers
  • Accountants 
  • Financial Advisors to Issuers and Arrangers 
  • Consultants 
  • Issuers Funding via Debt Capital Markets 
  • Fixed Income Investors (Asset Management Firms, Pension Funds, Mutual Funds)
  • Regulators and Central Banks
  • Technology Platform Providers, Analytics Firms 
  • Trustees and Servicers

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