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Webinar presented by CFA Institute, CFA Society Singapore, and ZSL SPOTT

Webinar Presentation

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Trade in forest products, such as timber and pulp, has increased over the past decade and is projected to continue doing so to meet a growing global demand. Although the forestry industry is an important contributor to the activities of countless sectors, from construction to consumer goods and packaging, it contributes to unsustainable pressure on the world’s forests, particularly in tropical regions. What kind of sustainability requirements do financial institutions place on forestry sector companies to address ESG risk and how do they follow up on compliance and progress?

This webinar is part of a series presented by CFA Institute, several CFA Societies in APAC and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), to promote a better understanding of the forestry sector’s ESG risk profile and foster quality interactions between practitioners and forestry companies on ESG issues.


  • Fookleong Chan, CFA, executive director of advocacy, CFA Society Singapore
  • Samantha Bramley, director of environmental and social risk management, Standard Chartered
  • Hilde Jervan, chief advisor, Council on Ethics for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund
  • Guy Djombe, head of environment and sustainability operations department, Development Bank of the Central African States

Watch the Webinar

Duration: 1 hr 5 min.

Recorded: 21 April 2021.


Fook Leong Chan
Fook Leong Chan CFA

Mr Chan Fook Leong, CFA is responsible for ethics education in CFA Society Singapore. He puts together ethical courses for practitioners based on the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. He also conducts training on ethics for financial institutions and writes on ethical issues for the CFA Singapore Insights Column in the Business Times.

In his current role, Mr Chan is also involved in thought leadership projects, sector analysis, investor education and protection, undergraduate outreach on ethics and issues relating to ESG and market integrity. He is also the representative in Singapore for Asia Pacific Research Exchange (ARX), a dedicated repository for Asia Pacific specific research and materials. Prior to joining CFA Society Singapore, Mr Chan co-authored a market manipulation research report on Singapore-listed companies

Samantha Bramley
Samantha Bramley

• Samantha is a Director of Environmental and Social Risk Management and part of the Sustainable Finance team at Standard Chartered Bank.
• She is a social and human rights specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the ESG field.
• Her role involves setting the bank’s standards and criteria for Agribusiness and supporting clients to transition to more sustainable practice through her ESG advisory role.
• Throughout her career she has worked across a range of industry sectors, including working as the sustainable finance lead for a Global ESG Consultancy in London and Perth (W.A), an ESG specialist at UK Export Finance, USAID in Egypt and Save the Children in Vietnam.
• She has a deep knowledge of the Agribusiness /Commodities sector engaging with a wide variety of stakeholders on key issues around Deforestation, Land Use Change, Climate and Human Rights risks.
• She currently sits on the Board of Governors for RSPO and has held previous roles on the Complaints Committee, Finance Committee and Principles and Criteria taskforce.
• She has been involved in a wide number of consultative processes driving standards and improved sustainability in the Agri sector, including initiatives around valuing biodiversity, tackling modern slavery, climate change initiatives.

Hilde Jervan
Hilde Jervan

Hilde Jervan is Chief advisor at the Council on Ethics for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund. Her main responsibilities are in the areas of environment and human rights. Hilde is leading the Council’s work on tropical deforestation, which has included the assessment of a number of timber and oil palm companies in the Fund's portfolio.
Hilde holds a Masters in Agricultural Economics.

Guy Djombe
Guy Djombe

Guy joined the Central African States Development Bank as a Project Manager in 2010, after 15 years of career in the industry. Between 2016 and 2019, he coordinated the Finance for tropical forests programme (FINFORTROP), an initiative aiming to forestry sector entrepreneurs and financial sector together. As Head of the Environmental and Sustainability Operations Division, Guy focuses on environmental diplomacy and on securing the position of BDEAC in the global green finance landscape.