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Webinar series presented by CFA Society Malaysia

Part 1: Legality and Intellectual Property of NFTs in Malaysia

NFTs have become mainstream in developed countries, and they have also spurred interest and demand locally in Malaysia. In this webinar speakers share their views and insights from the perspective of Malaysian law. 


  • Kelvin Wong, Legal Associate, GLT Law 
  • Jie Han Yeow, Head of Intellectual Property and Technology, GLT Law 


  • Jin Yoong Chong, CFA, Director, CFA Society Malaysia 

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Recorded: 10 February 2022. Duration: 1 hr 12 min.

Part 2: Navigating a Future Filled with NFTs

NFTs have become especially popular as a speculative investment tool. These digital assets are used to represent the purchase of real-world objects such as art, music, in-game items, and videos. In this webinar, industry experts look at the current NFT trends and trading strategies, among others, and share key knowledge and insights to the world of NFTs. 


  • Jason Kwong, CEO, Imperium Universe
  • Sheng Yeong, Solution Architect Consultant Partner, Celebrus Advisory


  • Bobby Lee Chia Yih, CFA, Director, CFA Society Malaysia

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Recorded: 17 February 2022. Duration: 1 hr 28 min.

Part 3: Demystifying the NFT Landscape

The foundation of NFTs began in 2013 and their popularity has increased exponentially since early 2021. The NFT ecosystem began with art and collectibles, and has expanded into gaming and metaverse applications. The NFT market offers an extensive spectrum of users and projects while the ecosystem continues to bloom. Lately, they have become a major attraction in the crypto community but there is often a lack of information on what the current state of NFTs is. In this webinar, we explore what makes NFTs tick behind the scenes and how to build a solid mental model for understanding them.


  • Sheng Yeong, Solution Architect Consultant Partner, Celebrus Advisory


  • Lexi Lee Ly See, CFA, Director, CFA Society Malaysia

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Recorded: 10 March 2022. Duration: 1 hr 20 min.


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