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What will drive the finance of tomorrow? The COVID-19 pandemic facilitated strong tailwinds for the adoption of financial technology, with millions of businesses going digital. The continuous development of digital banking and investment, AI and machine learning, blockchain, decentralized finance and fintech in sustainability are expected to be the growth engine for the Asia Pacific region.

To help unlock the power of disruptive technologies and to enable digital transformation in business models, customer experiences and skills of investment professionals, CFA Societies in APAC, in partnership with CFA Institute Asia Pacific Research Exchange (ARX) have teamed up to organize a FinTech Month to provide the latest insights on how the fintech ecosystem is evolving, what impact it brings to the financial services industry, and how investors can best position themselves amid these changes.

Virtual Assets

Since the first bitcoin changed virtual hands in 2009, cryptoassets have grown exponentially in number, variety, and market value, capturing imagination of investors, entrepreneurs, and financial professionals. Banks and other financial institutions have joined FinTech startups in exploring opportunities cryptoassets open in payments, investing, exchange, insurance, and other areas of finance. On the other hand, wild price volatility, a recent failure of a currency peg, numerous incidences of fraud and theft, and uncertain legal and regulatory status, have highlighted risks of which users of cryptoassets need to be aware.

How do you separate the crypto-wheat from the crypto-chaff? How do you value cryptoassets and find investment opportunities? What strategies can investors adopt to optimize their strategies, minimize risk, and manage volatility? What opportunities do cryptoassets open to financial institutions and entrepreneurs in Asia Pacific?

Join us to hear from cryptoasset experts discussing the following topics:

  1. Valuating crypto assets - methodology, benchmarking
  2. Emerging opportunities and trends of virtual assets in APAC from different stakeholders' perspectives - investors, service providers, exchanges, corporates, regulators
  3. Advise to investment professionals - trading strategies, portfolio management, risk and volatility management

Deployment of AI in the Financial Services and Investment Industry

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly popular in the finance and investment industry. AI has revolutionalised the asset management industry by improving portfolio management, trading, and risk management practices by increasing efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. According to our latest CFA Institute Trust Study, globally, 84% of institutional investors would invest in a fund that primarily uses artificial intelligence to select investment holdings, with a similar proportion (78%) believing that use of AI in investment-decision-making will lead to better investor outcomes. More broadly, AI has improved credit underwriting for banks, risk pricing for insurance companies, and deal generation and due diligence in the PE / VC industry.

However, there are challenges in realizing the true potential for AI. These include combating the myths that hamper AI adoption, explanation and interpretation issues, and biases. Lastly, building a data-driven organization requires the requisite data governance and architecture, and a change in organizational culture.

In this recorded webinar, we brought together experts from technology companies and financial institutions to discuss on key AI techniques and practices. They also shared the experience on the benefits and challenges during the deployment. Lastly, we discussed the organizational transformation needed to realise the true potential of artificial intelligence.


Digital Banking Maturity

The maturity of digital banking in the APAC region allows customers to carry out financial transactions in a much efficient way through secured digital channels. The newly emerging virtual banks also provides affordable access to finance among lower middle-class consumers by reducing the cost of intermediation. How are financial institutions coping with the competitive landscape from the perspectives of technology advancement and regulatory compliance? Can they manage their risks and while maintaining profitability?

In this third webinar of the FinTech Month series, we looked at how heightened competition has been helping to push digital transformation in the banking sector – including the emergence and impact of virtual banks. Our panel of experts shared their views on the growth opportunities, regulatory implications and lessons learnt along the digitalization journey.


Fintech for Sustainability

Fintech is an umbrella term that covers marketplace lending platforms, crowdfunding, payments technologies, robo advisory, and cryptocurrency providers. The sustainability implications are therefore varied too, including companies that leverage big data to provide data and advisory on environmental dimensions, crowdfunding platforms for impact projects, and payment and marketplace lending firms improving financial inclusion and access.

In this recorded webinar, we looked at a few business models and practices of fintech firms that contribute positively to sustainability. We also looked at the challenges when it comes to continuing innovation, and evolving opportunities in this area. In addition, we discussed how regulators and policymakers are encouraging fintech in sustainability, and additional steps that are needed.



CFA Institute

CFA Institute is the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and credentials. The organization is a champion of ethical behavior in investment markets and a respected source of knowledge in the global financial community. Our aim is to create an environment where investors’ interests come first, markets function at their best, and economies grow.

ARX Editorial Team

Senior Director: Scott Lee
Project Specialist: Natalie Yiu
Coordinator: Christy Leung