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Future of Finance and the Roles of Investment Professionals

22 November 2018, 7:00 PM | Tokyo, Japan
CFA Society Japan | 1.5 CE Credit

Maria Wilton, Board of Governors CFA Institute will present seminar speech about ethics for investment professionals. This seminar will consider what the future holds for the investment industry.  What is the Future of Finance and how can we - as CFA Charterholders, candidates and investment professionals – take responsibility for shaping our future.  Technological innovation and disruption are providing us with opportunities to make better investment decisions, reach a broader client base and develop new products.  Acting ethically and building trust are an increasingly important part of our value proposition as we deliver value to Empowered Consumers.  In this seminar you will learn about the current "hot topics" in the investment industry globally and how to position your career (and your business) to best capture these trends.

CFA Society Melbourne End of Year Drinks

22 November 2018, 6:30 PM | Melbourne
CFA Society Melbourne

Date: Thursday 22 November, 2018
Time: 6.30 – 9.30 PM – Just after the AGM
Venue: Lanai Courtyard, Level 1/113 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Cost: Free to members of CFA Society Melbourne 
Non Members: $15
Register here by Tuesday, 20 November 2018
End of the road, it’s now November,
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Machine Learning in Finance - Moving towards a data-driven finance world

26 November 2018, 9:00 AM | Sydney

Course highlights:
  • In-depth understanding of machine learning applications
  • How to apply artificial intelligence and data analytics in financial market
  • Understanding fundamentals of machine learning methodology
  • Learn the theory behind machine learning, deep learning and neural networks
  • Gain insights into the latest and most widely used industry applications
  • Get a clear view of ML/AI capabilities in finance to drive your business forward
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As a member of CFA Institute or/and CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Research Exchange (ARX), you will enjoy 15% off the current tier of pricing by register online here


26 November 2018, 6:00 PM | Perth
CFA Society Perth

CFA Society Perth is pleased to announce the launch of its Women in Finance Network. The launch event titled ‘It’s Time…’ will be on Monday 26th November 2018 at University Club of Western Australia and we encourage both men and women to attend.
Our panel features sisters Alison Gaines and Elizabeth Gaines who have both carved out successful and prominent careers in business. The conversation will be led by Heather Zampatti, a well-known leader in the financial services industry with an impressive CV of senior roles and directorships.

Keeping up with the rapidly changing environment – becoming the “New Middle Class” through value investing

27 November 2018, 7:00 PM | Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts | 1 CE

Hong Kong Economic Journal (信報財經新聞)columnist, 高天佑(原名:Mr. Wong Hiu Nam, Kelvin (黃曉南)), will share views in his new book "中產必須死" about how technology and latest trends have shaken the traditional social structure and the decline of middle class. His disruptive thinking approach might help us deal with the uncertainties and overcome the challenges in the rapidly changing environment. 

The Psychology Driving Asian Asset Prices

27 November 2018, 7:00 PM | Tokyo, Japan
CFA Society Japan | 1.5 CE Credit

Dr. Peterson demonstrates how information flow drives price patterns in Asian equity and currency markets (china, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong) utilizing a proprietary data set. Positive news leads to strong monthly and yearly stock price momentum in Asian Stocks. Media sentiment typically turns down before major bear markets begin, giving investors time to exit in advance of the selloffs. Learn the themes driving asset prices in Asian markets.

Chinese Bonds – Riding the Waves of Foreign Inflows

28 November 2018, 4:00 PM | Online

China fixed income is entering the mainstream of the investment world, propelled by capital inflows passing through China’s opening doors. Foreign institutions held a record RMB 1.4 trillion of Chinese bonds at the end of September, with the amount of foreign holdings expanding for 19 months in a row*.
While catalysts such as compelling yields, improved access and the prospect of China’s inclusion in global bond indices continue to fuel foreign interests, is the inflow into Chinese bonds sustainable or will the tides turn?
*Source: China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd

Basel III final rules: Liquidity and capital implementation

28 November 2018, 9:00 AM | Hong Kong

Asia Risk is delighted to present two-day training course on Basel III final rules: Liquidity and capital implementation being held on 28 – 29 Nov in Hong Kong.

As a member of CFA Institute or/and CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Research Exchange (ARX), you will enjoy 15% off the current tier of pricing by register online here

OpRisk Hong Kong

28 November 2018, 9:30 AM | Hong Kong

Off the back of 13 years of our hugely successful Operational Risk Asia conference, and Operational Risk are delighted to present the 2nd annual OpRisk Hong Kong training course being held on 28 - 29 November in Hong Kong.

This 2-day course will bring together operational risk professionals from across the region and provide an unmatched opportunity to learn about and discuss a wide diversity of operational hazards and the evolving thinking on how to handle them.
As a member of CFA Institute or/and CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Research Exchange (ARX), you will enjoy 15% off the current tier of pricing by register online here

Risk-adjusted Performance Measurement Course | Carl Bacon

28 November 2018, 9:00 AM | Melbourne
CFA Society Melbourne

CFA Society Melbourne is pleased to announce that Carl Bacon is returning to Melbourne in November. Following on from last year’s class, Carl will host an intensive master class for Investment Professionals who wish to increase their technical knowledge and gain a broader understanding of the complete range of risk-adjusted performance measures.

An evening of performance conversations with Kyle Ringrose & Carl Bacon

29 November 2018, 5:30 PM | Melbourne
CFA Society Melbourne

To coincide with CFA Society Melbourne now accepting CIPM Association members, we are pleased to be hosting an evening of performance conversations with two key note speakers, Kyle Ringrose and Carl Bacon. Kyle and Carl will present on the topics of Investment Risk Measures and the Global Investment Performance Standards.

标普道琼斯指数中国研讨会 - 在贸易纠纷紧张之际寻找国际机遇

29 November 2018, 9:00 AM | Shanghai, China
S&P Dow Jones Indices


The 3rd Pensions and ESG Forum in Hong Kong - Pensions and Institutional Investments: Where Finance and Technology Meets

29 November 2018, 8:30 AM | Hong Kong | 5 CE; 1.5 SER
Asia Asset Management

Pensions and Institutional Investments: Where Finance and Technology Meets
Topics for discussion:
  • The Digital Transformation of the Fund Industry
  • How Pension Funds and Asset Owners are Addressing New Opportunities
  • The Use of Block Chain in Pensions and Asset Management
  • The Way Forward for ESG and Sustainable Investing 
  • Fintech: The Next Battleground
  • Tokenomics: Dynamic Adoption and Valuation
Plus five panels discussions:
  • Building a Hub of Investment Excellence in Asia
  • Pensions and Investments: Global Trends and Issues
  • Asset Owners Forum
  • ESG, SRI  and Impact Investing
  • Digital Asset Management
FEE: Free for CFA Members / CFA Charterholders
CE Credit: 5
SER: 1.5
Remark: First Come First Serve
Register: Please send email to  with your name, company name, job title, country, email, phone number and mentioned through CFA Institute.

Practitioners' Insights: Airlines Sector in India

29 November 2018, 8:00 PM | Online
CFA Institute | 1 CE

The aviation industry, globally, plays a critical role in the economy. The sector in turn, is influenced by the economic environment and is highly cyclical. The airlines sector is also closely linked to the development of other sectors like airports, tourism, hotels, business travel and aerospace. But the sector is vulnerable to events like natural disasters, geopolitical developments and terrorism. In a developing economy like India, the demand for air travel is highly price sensitive, constraining the sector’s ability to pass on cost increases. While the airline industry has been experiencing a rapid demand growth in India, the industry has also been in the news for large financial stress faced by many of its players.
In this webinar, Subrata Ray, CFA, Senior Group Vice President, ICRA Limitedwill discuss the opportunities and challenges in India's airlines sector. 

Portfolio Benefits of Active Ownership and Good Corporate Governance; Athanase Industrial Partner’s experience in the Nordic Markets

29 November 2018, 7:00 PM | Tokyo, Japan
CFA Society Japan | 1.5 CE Credit

Constructive shareholder involvement in corporate governance can enhance returns for all shareholders and positively impact corporate social responsibility. 

The Nordic corporate governance model in which the largest shareholders elect the nomination committee of the company board, instead of being elected by an internal nomination committee, clearly separates the board's duties from the selection of thereof. The set-up allows the larger shareholders to gain board positions and influence the corporate strategy and social responsibility. Active Ownership aims to improve operational, financial, and share price performance of portfolio companies.

Large Exposures & SA-CCR

03 December 2018, 9:00 AM | Singapore

Asia Risk is delighted to present two-day training course on Large Exposures & SA-CCR being held on the 3rd and 4th of December in Singapore.
Join this two-day intensive course to hear from industry experts on the impact of large exposure rules and how to get ready for full implementation.
Expert speakers
  • Ludovic Coll, Director - Global Regulatory Reforms, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Alexandre Bon, Senior Manager, Murex
Key topics
  • Understanding the implications of adopting Large Exposures in Hong Kong
  • Identification of groups of connected counterparties under Large Exposures
  • Addressing data challenges and operational burden in meeting SA-CCR requirements
  • Calculating EAD based on the new SA-CCR
  • Understanding the interaction of SA-CCR and other regulations
As a member of CFA Institute or/and CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Research Exchange (ARX), you will enjoy 15% off the current tier of pricing by register online here.

AVCJ India Forum 2018

04 December 2018, 9:00 AM | Mumbai

AVCJ India now in its 19th year is the longest running private markets forum, where international investors gather to gain access to this compelling market. Through the highs and lows, AVCJ India has been the bellwether for the domestic alternative investment industry and the place to exchange ideas and catch up on the latest trends affecting the industry.

Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing Issues Applicable to SFC Licensed Corporations

07 December 2018, 12:15 PM | Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts | 1 CE

HKSFA is pleased to welcome Mr. Ben Wong, Managing Director of AltQuest, to explore with our audience the following topics:

1) Overview of Money Laundering (ML) and Terrorist Financing (TF), as well as    relevant HK legislation, agencies and guidelines
2) The SFC Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (the "Guideline")  
3) Recent SFC issues / cases

2018 Annual Dinner with Charter Award Ceremony

07 December 2018, 7:00 PM | Taipei
CFA Society Taipei | 1 CE

CFA Society Taiwan 2018年終晚宴暨新持狀人授證儀式即將於12/7舉行,這是協會與會員們相聚分享這一年來的點點滴滴的歡樂時刻,也是我們熱烈歡迎新會員加入我們這個大家庭最重要的日子,會中我們將分享目前CFA在全球以及台灣的進展,還有對未來的重大規劃,希望大家都能踴躍出席,今年我們還邀請到重量級的嘉賓 - Richard Koo,將帶來精采的演說,請您千萬不要錯過。

2019 Real Estate Investment Outlook

12 December 2018, 12:15 PM | Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts

Since 2008, low interest rates have fuelled the growth of real estate capital values, and many investors have generated impressive returns from investing in this asset class. With the tail-winds that fuelled this upcycle tapering, what does 2019 and beyond hold for real estate? 

Practitioners’ Insights: Fast Electronic Markets

13 December 2018, 8:00 PM | Online
CFA Institute | 1 CE

Illegal insider trading extracts significant costs. Trading material non-public information hampers trust and destroys market integrity. Yet, from time to time, stories of the tall and mighty following slippery criminal paths highlight the need to pay close attention. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has comprehensive laws against the trading of material non-public information. Investment professionals from the buy side, sell side, as well as corporations and other related stakeholders should be aware of common pitfalls and information boundaries that all professionals need to observe.
Mr. Suresh Gupta, a senior regulator from SEBI, has a ringside view of the regulatory landscape of insider trading. In this interactive session, Mr. Gupta will provide insights on the topic of insider trading. This webinar will include:

  • insider trading overview: intent and evolution
  • required standards of practice
  • common pitfalls
  • case studies

This is an archived version of a live webinar that took place on 21 December 2017.

9th India Investment Conference

11 January 2019, 9:00 AM | Mumbai
CFA Society India

The 9th India Investment Conference provides a unique opportunity for delegates to improve their understanding of key issues that will drive investment decision making in the coming months. Hosted jointly by CFA Society India and CFA Institute,  the conference  is a must-attend event for investment professionals.

Asian Financial Forum 2019

14 January 2019, 9:00 AM | Hong Kong
HKSAR Government and the HKTDC

Event Date: 14-15 January 2019
AFF 2019 is co-organised by the HKSAR Government and the HKTDC, the AFF has gone from strength to strength since its inception, with the most recent edition attracting more than 3,000 global leaders in government, finance and business from 46 countries and regions to gather intelligence, establish connections, and explore business and investment opportunities.