• Are We Really Putting Investors First?

    04 Feb 2018

    Are we really putting investors first? This is a story about ethics which highlights what I have learned from CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

    The world of finance is filled with scams, dishonesty, and outright criminal activity. Demanding that financial professionals apply the same standard of behavior to their clients that we would for our family members is the first step to building a future based on ethical principles. "Care for clients as you would your mother."
  • Prevent Valuation Mistake #1: Building Up too Much Cash

    31 Aug 2017

    In this research, I aggregate the financial statements of more than 17,000 companies across the world to then calculate the amount of cash that is held on the balance sheet of various countries across the world. From this, I then look at current cash levels at all markets across Asia, from Developed to Frontier.
    The benefit of this research is that it can help us to better forecast the balance sheets of companies in Asia. This is especially critical for free cash flow valuation.