• Mapping Sustainable Finance in Hong Kong

    21 Feb 2018

    In this inaugural survey, RS Group sets out to understand the current state of play of sustainable finance in Hong Kong as viewed by six stakeholder groups. By identifying the key drivers, challenges and sentiment towards sustainable finance, the survey aims to spark conversations, motivate action, and ultimately inform and inspire readers to adopt sustainable finance. RS Group surveyed near 240 individuals representing asset owners, asset managers, financial institutions, corporates, thought leaders, government, and regulators, and among many findings note 90% of respondents believe Hong Kong is “behind” or “reactive” in terms of sustainable finance compared with other global jurisdiction. While 75% believe sustainable finance is critical in order to maintain the city’s primacy as a leading international financial centre.

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    RS Group is a Hong Kong-based family office whose mission is to advance a paradigm shift in people’s values and priorities, so that economic growth will not jeopardise human development and environmental sustainability. Recognising the severity and urgency of global issues faced today, RS Group have chosen to apply its entire capital portfolio towards advancing its mission. To further support  sustainable finance in Hong Kong, RS Group began developing the "Sustainable Finance Initiative" (SFI) in 2017. SFI’s mission is to mobilise private capital for positive impact, and accelerate Hong Kong's transition towards a sustainable financial centre.

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