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  • Do research challenges in India help students reach their career goals?

    Jainendra Shandilya    Jainendra Shandilya, CFA, CAIA, Harshal Goyal
    11 Apr 2019

    Financial research competitions conducted by professional organizations in India, aimed at students of business schools, boost their career prospects. 
  • WAR(WhatsApp Revolution) in India

    Jainendra Shandilya    Jainendra Shandilya, CFA, CAIA
    27 Mar 2018

    WhatsApp is not just an ordinary app that connects to a website, rather, it is probably the best app created till date to do multi-tasking while still doing normal work. This app has completely changed the way people in India communicate with one another. Having realized the potential of this app, users are taking maximum help of this messaging app to share, promote, do recreation etc. through this app. Businesses  are using this platform to maximize their revenue, whereas students are using this to cut costs of educational overhead, etc. Either way, there is increase in efficiency and decrease in cost of communication between individuals. Watch out for next general government election in India, the entire campaign will be launched on this platform and then juggernauts will be sharing them in their groups. The very ease of texting, talking, sharing and displaying emotion over this app is unique and makes this a revolution in a country like India where people like to say 'good morning' to their near and dear ones early in the morning.
  • Green Bonds: New Product, Great Enthusiasm!

    Jainendra Shandilya    K. Sanghmitra
    07 Oct 2016

    Green Bonds are no longer in their infancy, they have come off at their own. Ever since the first green bond was launched by European Investment Bank, there has not been any let up in the issuance of green bank. One after the other, institutions, government, corporations, etc are queuing up for this hitherto not so known instrument. What is remarkable, especially in India, ever junk issuers are able to float green bonds and investors are lapping it up!