• Implementing Ethical Culture across the Australian Financial Services Landscape

    04 Jul 2017

    The article aims to build awareness and knowledge of culture and the vital role it plays in the long-term sustainability of the financial services industry

    It invites readers to think about:
    • the worsening issue of cultural integrity and why it has become a concern for the financial services industry, specifically in Australia and at a broader global level
    • the purpose of the financial services industry, the importance of factors such as trust and reputation that are associated with culture based in high standards of integrity and professionalism vs short term market gains
    • the concept of steward ship of other people’s money and the dilemmas and conflicts for industry behind that concept of stewardship, the relevance of stewardship to industry’s moral compass and the relevance of culture in being good stewards
    • identifying what culture is, why it matters and why the community deserves an industry with strong cultural integrity to be stewards of their money
    • the role of professionalism in culture, how the foundations of culture are built and sustained through the core components of professionalism: competency, compliance and ethics
    • the benefits to industry that adopts and sustains such a culture

    *The article was first published in June 2017 and is in the current edition of the Journal of Financial Compliance.