Researcher and Author, Rich Thinking

Barbara Stewart, CFA is one of the world’s leading researchers on women and finance. She has researched, written and published an annual series of Rich Thinking™ white papers, launching every International Women’s’ Day. Eagerly anticipated, these papers have changed the global conversation around women and finance.

  • Smart women and risk-taking

    12 Mar 2018

    Rich Thinking: Smart women and risk-taking

    The topic of this year’s study is smart women and risk-taking. Do smart women take risks? What types of risks do they take? Why do they take a risk? Do they prepare before taking a ‘big risk’ or do they just jump right in? What have they learned from taking risks? This is research that is 100% based on qualitative interviews. My previous research has shown that women are interested in learning about financial matters through the sharing of real-life stories. Conducting face-to-face meetings and listening intently is, in my view, the most powerful way to access much-needed data about women, finance, investing and risk.