CFA China Shanghai was established in October 2008. Its founding members are mainly from financial professionals with CFA charters. They are committed to integrating financial technology with asset management to promote the highest ethical standards and professional ethics in the financial industry. The main goal of improving the professional level and research methods of financial investment and analysis is to support and lead the global investment community to build Shanghai International Financial Center. CFA China Shanghai has a volunteer team with more than 100 people, with several senior members from securities, funds, exchanges and regulatory agencies as the core, and assisted by a number of professional groups to provide quality services to nearly 2,000 local Shanghai members, including continuing education lectures, building social platforms, promoting ethics and professional standards, and promoting the application of financial technology in the investment area, aiming to create close ties between financial professionals and investment communities in Shanghai and contribute to building a talent environment in Shanghai's financial center CFA China Shanghai will continue working hard to build an internationally influential CFA Society Shanghai, continuously promote the cultivation and introduction of financial talents in Shanghai, enhance the standardization, specialization and internationalization of Shanghai's financial industry, and make its own contributions to build Shanghai into an international financial centers and world cities with Chinese characteristics as soon as possible. CFA?????CFA China Shanghai????2008?10????????????CFA?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????CFA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????2000?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????CFA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????