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The impact of COVID-19 will reverberate across all sectors of the economy, fintech being no exception. In the sector, challenges are expected to surface on multiple fronts, but so are opportunities, as companies look to beat the odds and thrive.

Author: Ashish Rane, Bharat Ramnani

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Welcome to the third edition of Aranca's "Fintech Decoded" report, a publication where we highlight key trends in VC funding within the broader fintech universe across critical markets in 1Q-2020.

After years of record funding levels, the surge in mega-rounds, and sky-rocketing valuations, is set to change due to the coronavirus pandemic. The funding environment that supported companies in growth by fuelling in millions for customer acquisition no longer exists. In this report, we highlight some early trends, based on Q1 deal activity and the outlook for different fintech verticals.



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