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As Japan’s FSA is preparing to revise the Corporate Governance Code, what issues are discussed in other markets in the region? What are the approaches to stakeholder interests in the UK, Australia?

Author: Chie Mitsui

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Since 2014, Digital Reporting Workshops have provided an opportunity for Japanese investors to discuss disclosure-related issues, and to learn from foreign experts about corporate governance issues in other markets.  The discussions center mostly on issues with IFRS reporting, corporate governance, and IASB public consultations. More recently, sustainability and environment has become a more frequent topic.

As Japan's Financial Services Agency is planning to revise its corporate governance code for the second time in the past three years, this workshop is devoted to shareholder engagement, responsibilities of directors, and stakeholders' interests. The participants also discuss Australia's Modern Slavery Statement and the progress in corporate governance in Taiwan.


Chie Mitsui

Chie Mitsui a Senior Researcher / Data Analyst at Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. She is a graduate of the Tokyo University of Science and has a master’s degree from Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science. Before joining Nomura Research Institute in 2008, she worked at Jiji Press Ltd.
Chie specializes in corporate disclosure information and associated systems, IFRS, and corporate governance. A member of IFRS Taxonomy Consultative Group (ITCG) of International Accounting Standard Board 2014, she has been publishing articles and reports regarding efficient disclosure information for investors' & analysts' activities.
In the past several years, Chie has been researching the trends of disclosure systems, environmental investment, corporate governance code, and the impact on those issues from the UK and EU related discussion. As well as issues related to IFRS disclosure and data utilization.

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