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Webinar presented by CFA Institute and Nasdaq

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Sector rotation refers to moving money invested in one sector to another with the objective of making higher returns and mitigating risk. To adopt a sector rotation strategy, investors can go for stocks, mutual funds or ETFs. There are different types of cycles can cause a sector rotation, e.g. economic cycle, stock market cycle, etc.

In this webinar, you can learn about sector rotation strategies and how investors can take advantage of sector rotations.


  • Dr. Alan Lok, CFA, director of ethics education and professional standards, Asia Pacific, CFA Institute
  • Jay Gragnani, head of research and client engagement, Nasdaq Dorsey Wright

Watch the Webinar

Duration: 1 hr

Recorded: 19 January 2022


Alan Lok
Alan Lok CFA

Dr Lok is responsible for nurturing ethics trainers, producing ethics bite-size media as well as facilitating member societies to promote ethical behavior in their local capital markets. In his role, Dr Lok works with member societies to advance awareness and adoption of CFA Institute ethics and standards, as well as policy positions on ethical conduct and culture related issues. This involves outreach to local stakeholders, including the industry, financial regulator, and the public across the APAC markets. Dr Lok also manages ethics related content and events together with societies leaders as well as facilitating their outreach activities on the Asia-Pacific Research Exchange (ARX) post publication.
Dr Lok joined CFA Institute in February 2014 as the Director of Capital Markets Policy in the Standards & Advocacy Division (APAC) before moving to the role of Director, Society Advocacy Engagement (APAC) in January 2017. In that role, Dr Lok has built up close relationships with society leaders and volunteers in the APAC region. Dr Lok was also responsible for directing the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Research Exchange (ARX). Over the years, he co-authored two monographs on portfolio pumping and market manipulation, submitted numerous regulatory consultation papers, written many blogs & articles and supported the Singapore Society in their Industry Research series in the Singapore Business Times.
During the decade prior to joining CFA Institute, Dr Lok was the senior investment manager of a Chinese solar-energy conglomerate and worked as both a buy and sell-side research analyst in Singapore. Dr Lok also served as the Adjunct head of two modules in Nanyang Technological University (南阳理工学院) as well as the module leaders for various universities in Hong Kong SAR, Mainland China, and Singapore.
Dr Lok graduated with a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in 2003. Subsequently, he went on to read his MBA at the University of Manchester in 2013. He obtained the FRM certification from the Global Association of Risk Professionals in 2007 and was subsequently awarded the CFA certification from the CFA Institute in 2008. Dr Lok was recently awarded a doctorate degree from the University of Middlesex, London in 2021. His latest publication was a co-authorship with ACCA entitled “21 Sector Analysis: A Questioning Framework for Investors”.

Jay Gragnani

Jay Gragnani has been with the Nasdaq Dorsey Wright team since 2005 (prior to January 2015, Nasdaq Dorsey Wright was Dorsey, Wright & Associates).
In his role as Head of Research and Client Engagement, Jay regularly conducts market research and contributes original writings to the “Daily Equity & Market Analysis Report”.
Jay is a frequent guest on financial radio programs and a speaker at colleges and universities. He has conducted training sessions with investors and financial professionals in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Jay has also been an integral part of the research and product development team, helping to bring new products to market.
Jay is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) with a degree in Finance. He resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Jennifer, two sons, and daughter.

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