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Investors who neglect to study the past need to rely primarily on their life experience to make decisions. This often causes them to overlook powerful, cyclical forces that repeatedly reshape economies and markets. Mark Higgins’s book, “Investing in U.S. Financial History”, fills this void by recounting the full financial history of the United States. It begins with Alexander Hamilton’s brilliant financial programs in 1790 and ends with the Federal Reserve’s battle to contain inflation in 2023. 

We are honored to have invited Mark Higgins to reveal important lessons from financial history. Moderated by Phoebe Chan, Capital Markets Policy Specialist at CFA Institute, this webinar provided the audience with a glimpse of how a deep understanding of financial history can improve investment decision-making. Reading the book in advance may further understanding of the topic. 


  • Mark Higgins, CFA, author of investing in U.S. financial history & senior vice president, IFA Institutional 


  • Phoebe Chan, capital markets policy specialist, apac, advocacy, CFA Institute

Duration: 61 mins

Recorded on 15 March 2024


Mark Higgins
Mark Higgins CFA

Mark serves as a senior vice president for IFA Institutional, which provides discretionary investment advisory services to institutional investment plans, such as endowments, foundations, pension plans, and various corporate plans. Mark is also the author of the forthcoming book, Investing in U.S. Financial History, The book recounts the full financial history of the United States. It begins with the innovative financial programs of Alexander Hamilton and ends with the Federal Reserve’s ongoing battle to contain inflation. The book will be available online and in bookstores on February 27, 2024.

Mark is also a frequent writer for the American Museum of Finance’s Financial History magazine and the CFA Institute’s Enterprising Investor.  He is also a frequent speaker domestically and internationally at industry conferences and podcasts.

Mark graduated from Georgetown University Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology. He received an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. He is a CFA charterholder and CFP® professional. Mark resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Katie, and two children, Jack and Lila.

Phoebe Chan
Phoebe Chan

Phoebe conducts research focusing on the formation and resilience of capital markets in APAC. On advocacy front, Phoebe promotes policy positions that serve investor protection and market integrity. She holds a MPhil degree in Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from The University of Hong Kong.

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