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Watch the on-demand videos from APAC Open Day to upskill for a successful career in the finance and investment industry today!


The CFA Institute APAC Open Day is a virtual conference that brings you insights and advice from the experts and practitioners in the finance and investment field. You will have the opportunity to hear from them about their own career paths and learn directly from employers and HR professionals on how to equip yourself to take advantage of career opportunities ahead.

You will also discover the evolution of the CFA® Program, and other learning products that can help you set the standard in specific pathways and areas of interest – like ESG Investing, Climate Risk, Private Markets and Data Science, etc.

Whether you are starting your career, enhancing your skills, or advancing to the next level, we are here to provide you with the tools to excel in performance with purpose.

Unlocking Your Potential in the Investment Management Industry with the CFA Program

Graduates and early-career professionals pursuing the CFA Program are building a firm foundation of investment knowledge that will support them as they begin their working lives. As the CFA Program has recently evolved to address the changing finance industry landscape, what are the knowledge and skills we equip candidates with to prepare them for successful careers as investment professionals.

My Career Journey: Investment Management Industry​

The investment management industry is experiencing a dynamic era driven by technological advancements, shifting demographics, and evolving investor preferences. Join esteemed CFA charterholders as they share their rewarding journeys in investment management. They also explain how to forge a fulfilling career amidst these transformative times.

The Evolving Workforce: Hiring Trends in the Finance and Investment Industry

In today's highly competitive and dynamic market, staying on top of the evolving talent landscape, employer demand, and workforce attitudes is crucial to maximize your professional growth. In this session, a senior business leader from Page Executive will share their insights into the latest industry trends and the key findings of the company’s APAC salary survey. This will be followed by an engaging dialogue encompassing career progression and interview tips.

Pursuing the CFA Charter: First-Hand Candidate Experience Sharing

What motivates you to pursue the CFA Program? Why is it relevant to your role, and how do you maintain a study-work-life balance? In this panel discussion, our speakers from a broad spectrum of industry backgrounds, including financial consultancy, superannuation fund management and NGO sectors, will share valuable insights, challenges, and strategies for success.

Foundational Knowledge for the World of Private Markets and Alternative Investments

The private markets and alternative investment industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, driven by increasing investor demand for diversification, higher returns, and exposure to non-traditional asset classes. Learn about the key features and differences between private equity, private credit, real estate, infrastructure, commodities, hedge funds and more. You will also learn how to gain practical knowledge and insights into key industry concepts.

Learn more about the Private Markets and Alternative Investments Certificate

Evolution of the CFA Program​

To meet the needs of employers in the ever-changing investment profession, significant enhancements have been made to upgrade the CFA Program to equip candidates with skills expected by employers such as putting investing concepts into practice and be job ready. What is included in the newly launched practical skills modules (PSM)? What are the learning outcomes for each of the Level III specialized pathways? How can candidates get the best out of their learning experience, upskill themselves, and be ready for CFA exams?

Exploring the Path to Earning the CFA Charter: First-Hand Candidate Experience Sharing

Have you faced challenges while preparing for CFA Institute exams, and how did you overcome them? Additionally, can you effectively apply your CFA Institute knowledge in the workplace, and does on-the-job experience benefit your CFA Institute studies? 

Having gone through this journey, our panellists from financial consultancy, asset management and brokerage firms will share their personal experiences and offer valuable advice to help boost your career. 

The Future of Work in Investment Management: Skills and Learning

Do you possess the highly sought-after skills and knowledge that employers actively seek? Discover the emerging skills employers demand, gain valuable perspectives on the current job market, explore effective strategies for recruiting, nurturing, and retaining top talent in a fiercely competitive landscape, and gain insights into the future employment outlook. This panel discussion will allow you to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of finance and investment.

My Career Journey: Investment Banking, Advisory, and Research Industries

Tune in to this session for an enlightening session where seasoned CFA charterholders will share their expertise on the essential skills required for success in various industry sell-side functions. Explore the continuous upskilling process and discover valuable insights into the anticipated changes driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and other significant macro trends. Gain a deep understanding of how these professionals plan to adapt to the new era.

Driving Positive Change: Leveraging ESG Education for a Purposeful Professional Journey​

Sustainable investing has emerged as a powerful force with wide-ranging implications for companies and investment portfolios. Incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions is becoming an increasingly important skill for everyone working in the finance industry. Explore the growing demand for ESG investing and the significance of addressing climate change. Furthermore, discover why upskilling is essential for practitioners to stay informed and navigate these evolving issues. Together, let’s shape a purposeful professional journey in finance and investment management for the ultimate benefit of society.

Learn more about the Certificate in ESG Investing and Climate Risk, Valuation, and Investing Certificate


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