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ARX receives up to 100 new submissions each month: academic papers, industry research, white papers, market analysis and others. Here is a curated selection of new and noteworthy posts from our institutional and individual contributors.

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Navigating the Climate Finance Landscape: From IPCC Revelations to Sustainable Investment Strategies

This article provides an overview of the sustainability business landscape in Asia and outlines how various industries are working towards the universal goal of 1.5°C as set forth by COP 28. 

30 Apr 2024 | CFA Institute 

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Drugs Over Diet: Recent Advances in the Weight Loss Drug Category

We provide a high-level overview of recent developments in the weight loss drug category and explore how they may impact other industries. These highly effective drugs were born out of research to treat diabetes but have additional benefits.

24 Apr 2024 | MFS Investment Management

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CFA Society Beijing Podcasts: China Charter Chat

「特许金融街」是一档由北京金融分析师协会(CFA Society Beijing)发起,面向社会各界听众的金融访谈类播客,我们会邀请各金融细分领域的朋友们一起探讨资本市场热点,圈内秘闻,金融职场等与金融相关的热点话题。

22 Apr 2024 | CFA Society Beijing

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Artificial Intelligence Opening Up New Investment Horizons

As artificial intelligence applications get more intertwined with our daily lives, this paper looks at size and outlook of artificial intelligence market. The paper also looks at various HSIL indexes which track performance of AI-theme companies.

18 Apr 2024 | Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited

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Recorded Webinar: Advancing Talent Developments in Financial Services: Updates on Emerging Global Trends, Their Impact, and Talent Policy Strategies

Tune into this on-demand webinar to learn about HKIMR's latest research report "Advancing Talent Development in Financial Services: Emerging Global Trends and their Impact on Hong Kong". A distinguished panel of industry leaders also shared their insights on talent development, offering perspectives from the global scene, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Greater Bay Area.  

16 April 2024 | CFA Institute; AoF; HKIMR; AIMA | Video: 1hr 23mins

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eFinancialCareers 2024 Compensation Guide

The eFinancialCareers2024 salary & bonus survey had over 6,000 responses across dozens of the world’s most prominent financial services centers, asking respondents about their salaries, bonuses, work hours, job satisfaction, and more.

15 Apr 2024 | eFinancialCareers

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Fixed Income Insights (China) – April 2024

China expands fiscal support in 2024 by issuing special government bonds, in addition to monetary policy stimulus. Chinese bond yields fell further in Q1 on monetary easing, but wide rate differentials drove sovereign spreads lower and a weaker yuan.

11 Apr 2024 | FTSE Russell

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Recorded Webinar: 「金融網紅興起為投資者帶來的機遇與風險」投資者教育網上講座


27 March 2024 | CFA Institute; CFA Society Hong Kong; IFEC | Video: 1hr 

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The Relative Price Premium: Output price dispersion impacts risk premia

This study examines the implications of relative price dispersion for asset prices. Firms that sell goods and services that have increased (decreased) in price relative to the headline inflation rate earn high (low) returns. 

24 Mar 2024 | Yun Joo An; Fotis Grigoris; Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen; Preetesh Kantak

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Exploring China A-Share Dividends and High Yield Strategy Performance

This paper undertakes a comprehensive examination of the Chinese dividend market, providing insights into the historical performance of the high dividend yield strategy.

27 Feb 2024 | Jason Ye, CFA; Izzy Wong; S&P Dow Jones Indices

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Recorded Webinar: Interview with Mark Higgins, CFA – Implications from U.S. Financial History

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Mark Higgins, CFA, as he revealed the important lessons from financial history and their impacts on investment decision-making.

15 March 2024 | CFA Institute | Video: 61mins 

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Merger Arbitrage and ESG Impact Investing

A merger arbitrage portfolio can boost ESG scores by nearly 50% while offering attractive returns, appealing to investors seeking impactful ESG outcomes alongside profits, outperforming traditional ESG investments.

17 Mar 2024 | Deepak Gurnani; Ludger Hentschel; Neetu Jhamb; Versor Investments

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Decision Tree Analysis Using Real Options to Give Value to Funding Rounds

This study introduces a novel framework  based on decision tree analysis, integrating real options theory to provide a nuanced valuation model for technology startups.

13 Mar 2024 | Marco Luis P. Austriaco; Nathaniel B. Mariano; Juan Miguel M. Reynante; Victor Malcom J. Medina; Raphael Mika Tolentino

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Great Expectations

Financial markets appear optimistic to start the year, while investors currently believe inflation will slow, rates fall, and profits rise. Rob Almeida explains why those beliefs may be contradictory.

15 Jan 2024 | Robert M. Almeida, Jr.; MFS Investment Management

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Declining Interest Rates Have Signaled Positive Relative Performance

The report examines how low-volatility stocks may perform considering the market consensus rate assumptions, which currently anticipate rates cuts, and a declining rate environment for 2024.

2 Feb 2024 | James C. Fallon; Molly O'Brien; MFS Investment Management

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CFA Society Beijing Podcasts: 漫谈美股上市二三事

「特许金融街」是一档由北京金融分析师协会(CFA Society Beijing)发起,面向社会各界听众的金融访谈类播客,我们会邀请各金融细分领域的朋友们一起探讨资本市场热点,圈内秘闻,金融职场等与金融相关的热点话题。

4 March 2024 | CFA Society Beijing

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Recorded Webinar: What is the “Equity?” – Proposed Amendments of IFRS

The IASB has published the Exposure Draft. It aims to address challenges in how a company that issues financial instruments distinguishes financial liabilities from equity instruments. Learn more.

4 March 2024 | CFA Society Japan | Video: 1hr 23mins 

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Tao and Speculation in the Chinese Market / 道与中国市场投机艺术

Change is the immutable Tao. Forecasting is to recognize subtle changes in their germinal state to shape the outcome of the future. And so, we are not blindly accepting our fate, but taking charge of our destiny. 


03 Mar 2024 | Hao Hong, CFA; GROW Investment Group

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Recorded Webinar: 2024 Sustainability & Climate Trends to Watch — The APAC View

Watch this recorded webinar to take a deep dive into specific areas, such as climate disclosure regulation and natural capital, to see how they shape APAC’s investment landscape and more. 

27 February 2024 | CFA Institute; MSCI | Video:61 mins

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High Interest Rate Environment Lead Investors to Pursue High Dividend Yield Strategy

Hang Seng Indexes finds that investor appetite for high dividend yield investment products remains high, with a strong net inflow for dividend related exchange-traded funds (‘ETFs’) in APAC during the previous three years.

22 Feb 2024 | Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited

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China Making Strategic Moves to Enhance Shareholder Returns

Regulatory authority and government recently issued guidelines to encourage A-shares companies and SOEs undertaking more shareholder-friendly initiatives. We look at relevant HSIL indexes which track performance of corresponding companies.

22 Feb 2024 | Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited

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Navigating Global Macro Complexity: Insights from Jurrien Timmer, CMT

Explore the intellectually thrilling world of global macro analysis with Jurrien Timmer, CMT, Director of Global Macro at Fidelity Investments. Gain invaluable insights into market trends & investment strategies that will reshape your perspective.

23 Sep 2022 | Jurrien Timmer, CMT; David Lundgren CMT, CFA; Tyler Wood, CMT; CMT Association

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Decoding Market Behavior: Fear, Greed, and the Human Element

Dive into the dynamics of fear-driven markets with our guest this month, David Keller, CMT, an expert in technical analysis and behavioral finance. Join us as we explore his insights on investor behavior and market dynamics in today's equity markets.

05 Aug 2022 | David Keller, CMT; David Lundgren, CMT, CFA; Tyler Wood, CMT; CMT Association

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Consumers’ Reaction to Corporate ESG Performance: Evidence from Store Visit

We investigate end-consumers’ attitudes toward firms’ ESG behavior, and the ability of consumers to affect firms’ ESG policies, using micro-level data. We find that consumers care about firms’ approach toward ESG, and consumers’ behavior can impact firms' ESG policies, using micro-level data.

11 Feb 2024 | Tinghua Duan; Frank Weikai Li; Roni Michaely

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Irreplaceable Venture Capitalists

We identify the sources of value creation by individual venture capitalists (VCs). A VC’s network and reputation are key irreplaceable assets, which are critical for a firm's access to financing and long-run success.

09 Feb 2024 | Michael Ewens; Denis Sosyura

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Career Concerns, Short-Termism, and Real Options

We study real options in the labor market for investment managers and show their importance for the delegated investment management market.

09 Feb 2024 | Jules van Binsbergen; Jungsuk Han; Hongxun Ruan; Ran Xing

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S&P Kensho New Economies Commentary: Q4 2023

The fourth quarter saw a broad recovery of the equities market from the previous quarter’s weakness to reach near all-time highs.

29 Jan 2024 | S&P Dow Jones Indices

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