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ARX receives up to 100 new submissions each month: academic papers, industry research, white papers, market analysis and others. Here is a curated selection of new and noteworthy posts from our institutional and individual contributors.

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Exploring the Case of Farm RETIS in Pakistan

This piece is based on Pakistan’s two main sectors: Agriculture/Farming and Real Estate.  A case is being made for launching Farm REITs in Pakistan as it offers the best combination to achieve multiple objectives for capital markets and economy.

29 Mar 2023 | Laraib Mohib, CFA

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The Draft of New Revision G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance

G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance was updated this year. Many Asian countries are following these principles. In this workshop, we discussed about the background, opinions from investors, and the situation of Asian countries.

28 Mar 2023 | Chie Mitsui

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CAIA Association & ComplianceAsia: APAC’s Compliance & Regulatory Landscape

APAC’s Compliance and Regulatory Landscape continues to evolve. Watch to hear from ComplianceAsia’s Founder and CEO, Philippa Allen, and CAIA’s APAC Managing Director, Jo Murphy, as they shared insights on core themes impacting the field.

27 Mar 2023 | CAIA Association; ComplianceAsia

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FSRG Briefs - Green Finance

An update on characteristics and current trends in markets for green bonds, green and sustainability linked loans and green mortgages, with particular attention to Hong Kong's role.

21 Feb 2023 | Alexandra Tracy; David von Eiff; Phoebe Chan; Financial Services Research Group

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Conversation with Troy Prince, Founder and CEO, Wall Street Bound, Inc.

In this episode, Bill chats with Troy Prince, CEO and Founder of Wall Street Bound – a New York City-based nonprofit finance education and training organization.

24 Mar 2023 | CAIA Association

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Conversation with Dr. Margaret Cullen of Think Governance, Ltd.

In this episode, Bill welcomes Dr. Margaret Cullen to the discussion about all things governance. A preeminent person in the field of governance in Ireland, Dr. Cullen brings fascinating insight into the world of corporate and investment fund admin.

24 Mar 2023 | CAIA Association

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FSRG Briefs - Virtual Assets

Overview of the current state of the market for virtual assets in Hong Kong, covering legal and regulatory frameworks, fund management, trends and opportunities, plus a snapshot of the development of central bank digital currencies.

16 Feb 2023 | Jason Chan; Financial Services Research Group

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Retail Investor Survey - Index Strategies: 2023's Untapped Opportunity

The results of FTSE Russell's inaugural wealth survey offer an abundance of good news for financial advisors, with U.S. retail investors looking to increase their investments in index strategies in 2023.

20 March 2023 | FTSE Russell

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WEBINAR: Up your ESG Game: Plugging the Talent Gap

In this webinar, key topics included the Certificate in ESG Investing, government support, and employer recognition.

14 March 2023 | CFA Institute; CFA Society Hong Kong  | Video: 61 mins.

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The Big Mac on Fixed Income Opportunities

The case for fixed income has become much stronger over the past year, and, in our view, there are compelling opportunities across the global fixed income universe that could support a range of investment objectives.

9 March 2023 | Benoit Anne; MFS Investment Management

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Corporate Governance Issues Relevant for the REIT Business Model

Our latest publication examined corporate governance practices within the APAC REIT industry.

6 March 2023 | Dr. Alan Lok, CFA

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Blockchain – The Underlying Technology of Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology has potential beyond crypto. Discover its characteristics and use cases in our latest article now!

6 March 2023 | Kenneth Kwong, CFA

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Analyzing High Dividend Yield Strategies in Australia

In this paper, we will examine the Australian dividend market in depth and analyze the historical performance of the Australian high dividend yield strategy.

10 February 2023 | Jason Ye, CFA; Izzy Wang; S&P Dow Jones Indices

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Mind the Gender Gap

Recent data indicate that women who want to pursue financial careers in India face significant barriers, including lack of advancement and lagging compensation. This report analyzes the findings and offers recommendations.

1 March 2023 | Sivananth Ramachandran, CFA, CIPM; Jolly Balva, CFA; Meera Siva, CFA; CFA Institute; CFA Society India

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Bringing ESG Considerations to Equal-Weight Indices

There is a pressing need for the world to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to decrease the risks and impacts of climate change. Responsible action is required by all stakeholders, including investors.

14 February 2023 | Ben Leale-Green; Barbara Velado; Kieran Trevor; S&P Dow Jones Indices

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The Start and End of a Recession: Multi-Asset Signals - Part I

Arguably the biggest question investors are asking at the start of 2023 is: will there be a recession in 2023? We look at some forward-looking indicators from the two biggest asset classes, fixed income and equities, to find clues to the answer.

22 February 2023 | Indrani De, CFA; Robin Marshall; Mark Barnes; FTSE Russell

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Rethinking the Sovereign Environmental Score Assessment

This paper introduces comprehensive enhancements to the Environmental Pillar Score of the FTSE Russell Sovereign Risk Methodology, which is designed to measure financially material risk from ESG factors for sovereign issuers.

22 February 2023 | Julien Moussavi; Astrid Sofia Flores Moya; FTSE Russell

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Co-movements Dynamics and Spillovers among SRI and International Capital Market

This study covers the literature on Socially Responsible Investment, its correlations, and co-movements. We include the dataset of 9 variables of SRI, Islamic, and conventional indices. By using DCC - GARCH and Cointegration models.

21 February 2023 | Saif Siddiqui; Ziya Batul Rizvi

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WEBINAR: 2023 ESG & Climate Trends to Watch - The APAC View

We are proud to partner with MSCI for a ESG webinar series! Our first webinar explored 2023 ESG and climate trends in APAC. Check out the recording now!

28 February 2023 | CFA Institute; MSCI  | Video: 61 mins.

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Currency Risk under Capital Controls

EM Currencies with more stringent capital controls earn lower average returns. Such pattern concentrates in debtor countries. A quantitative model explains the pattern through reduced exchange exposure to sudden stops.

17 February 2023 | Xiang Fang; Sining Liu; Yang Liu

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Rethinking Sustainable Investing Approaches

An effective sustainable investment approach will require an understanding of the challenges that asset managers are facing today. MFS and Eurasia Group convened a series of discussions to flesh out these challenges.

17 February 2023 | Pilar Gomez-Bravo; Vishal Hindocha; Shari Friedman; Jens Larsen; MFS Investment Management

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Investor (Mis)Reaction, Biased Beliefs, and the Mispricing Cycle

A new measure, the "Return-Earnings Gap" (REG), captures the disparity between stock returns and earnings surprises. REG predicts analyst forecast errors and a build-up of mispricing, and reveals how analyst and investor biases reinforce each other.

17 February 2023 | Azi Ben-Rephael, Steffen Hitzemann, Yuanyuan Xiao

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Fixed Income is Attractive, but Beware of “Fake” Yield

While higher yields have generally made bonds more attractive, a more difficult operating environment ahead will require careful consideration.

17 February 2023 | Robert M. Almeida, Jr.; MFS Investment Management

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The Effect of Regulation-Induced Pollution on Corporate Philanthropy

We investigate the role of charitable giving as a form of reputation insurance by analyzing donations to nonprofits from philanthropic foundations of polluting firms.

07 December 2022 | Seungho Choi; Raphael Jonghyeon Park; Simon Xu

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Individual Investors' Housing Income and Interest Rates Fluctuations

Using tax-filing data from Australia, we show that 20% of retirees are landlords. Their participation is increased by 80% in the last twenty years, driven by cuts in interest rates, making their income more exposed to local shocks.

07 December 2022 | Antonio Gargano; Marco Giacoletti

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WEBINAR: Fun and Games - Investment Gamification and Implications for Capital Markets

In this webinar, Sivananth Ramachandran, CFA, CIPM, described the various gamification techniques and how they act on investor biases. He also described the capital market implications of gamification, and some recommendations on how these techniques can be made to work for investors, rather than against their interests.

9 February 2023 | CFA Institute  | Video: 58 mins.

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Is Bangladesh Mirroring Sri Lanka & Pakistan?

With Sri Lanka & Pakistan struggling to keep their heads above water due to a lack of FX reserves to pay off debt & import bills, the recent dip in reserves in Bangladesh has many wondering if the country is next in line for an economic crisis.

30 January 2023 | UCB Asset Management

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Market Maps: Fixed Income Insights (China Edition) February 2023

Chinese $ HY credit lost 30% in 2022, led by property, though easing of Covid restrictions and property sector support drove a strong Q4 rally.

06 February 2023 | FTSE Russell

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A Deadcat, or A New Bull? / 是死猫跳,还是牛回头?

The peak of the current rally was 22,700, just 1% from our price target of 23,000 set in late October 2022. The market bottom we called in late October 2022 is indeed a secular turning point. The itch to take profit cannot be denied.

恒指涨势于 22,700 点停滞不前,与我们于 2022 年 10 月底设定的 23,000点目标,以及 22,500 点 850 周期线仅一步之遥。

06 February 2023 | Hao Hong, CFA; GROW Investment Group

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Nissan: Shift expectations with an SLB?

AFII proposes an SLB for Nissan based on its existing sustainable finance framework. We provide hypothetical pricing, which shows that Nissan could achieve an estimated discount of 14bp on its 5y financing spreads.

05 February 2023 | Cedric Rimaud, CFA; Josephine Richardson; Ulf Erlandsson; Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute

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Hao Hong: Savings Glut Fuel for Spring Rally / 洪灝:超额储蓄加油春季行情

Consensus is mistakenly over analyzing the activity data during the Spring Festival. Good data mean recovery, bad data suggest more stimulus. Indeed, PBoC’s balance sheet expansion has heralded a positive turn in economic cycle.


30 January 2023 | Hao Hong, CFA; GROW Investment Group

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Market Maps: Equity Factor Insights (January 2023)

Most factors fared better than their respective benchmarks in the 2022 rout, with robust Q4 rebounds extending Value/Yield leadership. 

23 January 2023 | FTSE Russell

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Monetary Policy Statement H2’FY23: A Flexible Stance, Ahead of Challenges

Acknowledging the external and internal worries, BB revises its inflation, broad money, credit growth and a number of targets. Notable policy moves include raising policy rates, removing deposit rate floor as well as partial loan rate ceilings.


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Assessment of the Asset Management Industry in the Philippines: The Case of the VUL Sector

This is the third and last phase of the Society’s study on the Asset Management Industry in the Philippines which covers the UITF, Mutual Fund, and VUL sectors.

31 January 2023 | Arlene Gutierrez; CFA Society Philippines

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What Might the Next Cycle Look Like?

MFS Chief Economist Erik Weisman suspects the next business cycle will feature a bit more growth, a little more inflation and Main Street beating out Wall Street.

19 January 2023 | Erik S. Weisman, Ph.D.; MFS Investment Management

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Key Themes Influencing the Macroeconomic and Capital Markets Environment in 2023

As we enter 2023, there are several key themes that will likely influence the macroeconomic and capital markets environment.

19 January 2023 | Jonathan W. Hubbard, CFA; Benoit Anne; Jamie Coleman; MFS Investment Management

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Sectoral Decarbonization Pathway (SDP) Whitepaper on Automotive

The SDP is a series of proprietary decarbonization pathway research that Robeco has developed to inform investors of the risks and challenges faced by companies and sectors across the global economy as they decarbonize their operations and products.

17 January 2023 | Gabriella Abderhalden, CFA; Giacomo Melegati; Robeco

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ESG and Climate Trends to Watch for 2023

Discover what trends may shape the environment for investors and companies in the year ahead.

16 January 2023 | MSCI

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From A Fishing Village to the IFC Mall - Introduction of “Rise from Crises”

This volume comprises essays from 30 investment practitioners and tells the tales of how Hong Kong has risen from crises in the past 30 years. 

12 January 2023 | Alvin Ho, CFA; CFA Society Hong Kong

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Market Maps: Performance Insights (USD Edition) January 2023

Global stock and bond markets endured one of the worst years in decades in 2022 as central banks launched increasingly aggressive measures to bring rampant (partly war-fueled) inflation under control.

09 January 2023 | FTSE Russell

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Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) Performance in 2022

Bangladesh Market, in line with other markets, remained sluggish during the year riding on macro-economic pressures like high inflation and pressure on currency. DSEX lost 8.1% in 2022, followed by a year of 25.1% return.

08 January 2023 | BRAC EPL RESEARCH

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An Index Approach to World Cup Success

The World Cup sees many who attempt to identify trends or patterns that may contribute to a nation’s success. This blog follows competing countries included in the S&P Global BMI and S&P Frontier BMI.

08 December 2022 | Sean Freer; S&P Dow Jones Indices

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