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ARX receives up to 100 new submissions each month: academic papers, industry research, white papers, market analysis and others. Here is a curated selection of new and noteworthy posts from our institutional and individual contributors.

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WEBINAR: Japan Reinventing Itself as a Global Financial Hub: Challenges and Policy Choices

Despite its may advantages, Japan trails other financial centres, especially with regards to attracting foreign talent and playing a regional role. This webinar, organized by CFA Society Japan and FSA explores how Japan can revitalize its financial sector and expand its role as an international financial hub.

26 April 2021 | CFA Society Japan, Financial Services Agency | Video: 1 hr 5 min.

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WEBINAR: ESG Financing Requirements in Tropical Forestry

Although the forestry industry is an important contributor to the activities of countless sectors, it contributes to unsustainable pressure on the world’s forests, particularly in tropical regions. What kind of sustainability requirements do financial institutions place on forestry sector companies to address ESG risk and how do they follow up on compliance and progress?

21 April 2021 | FA Institute, CFA Society Singapore, ZSL SPOTT | Video: 1 hr 5 min.

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WEBINAR: Challenging the Investment Industry

An International Women's Day webinar presented by CFA Society Malaysia. Distinguished female leaders in Malaysia's financial industry speak about their roles as leaders in their respective organizations, the challenges they encountered in their careers, and what habits are needed for a successful career.

14 April 2021 | CFA Society Malaysia | Video: 1 hr 12 min.

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WEBINAR: Big Data for ESG Investing

Haishan Wu, vice general manager of AI department at Webank, shares insights on how Webank leverages AI to generate proprietary real-time data for ESG investing from a variety of sources, including satellite images, media reporting, and social media sentiment.

15 April 2021 | CFA Institute, Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia | Video: 1 hr 17 min.

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WEBINAR: Economic and Market Impacts of Climate Change

A presentation of the CFA Institute report “Climate Change Analysis in the Investment Process”, followed by a discussion of economic and market implications of climate change, carbon pricing, and recent developments in carbon markets.

2 February 2021 | CFA Institute | Video: 59 min.

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WEBINAR: Venture Capital: What Does It Hold for the Global Capital Market of Tomorrow?

Venture Capital (VC) has been an important part the modern capital markets. The success or failure of a growing private company has often been gauged by the size of their round B or C funding. Has the traditional route of private company relying on organic growth and bank loans disappeared?

13 April 2021 | CFA Institute | Video: 60 min.

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A Foreign Investor's Guide to Sri Lanka: The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

In this introductory paper we look to provide some high-level insights for foreign investors on Sri Lanka’s economy, political anatomy and capital markets.

19 April 2021 | Aran Nagendra, Kassapa Manathunga

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WEBINAR: Future of Investing in Disruptive Innovation - Leadership Dialoge

The extraordinary AUM growth and outperformance of ARK Invest in recent times has created a huge following in Asia. Catherine Wood, Founder CEO and CIO of ARK Invest, joins Ms. Yimei Li, CFA, member of the CFA Institute Board of Governors and CEO of China Asset Management Co. Ltd., a top asset manager in China, for a conversation about disruptive innovation.

25 March 2021 | CFA Institute, MSCI, Wind | Video: 59 min.

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The Emerging Asia Pacific Capital Markets: Challenges and Opportunities

Asia-Pacific emerging and frontier markets continue to evolve rapidly. With contributions from authors based in 11 local markets, this publication offers insights about regulatory developments, market structure, and financial history in the region.

29 March 2021 | CFA Institute Research Foundation: Larry Cao, CFA, Luis Garcia-Feijóo, CFA, CIPM

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China Market Strategy: Value Striking Back

Sticking to growth means extrapolating linearly the growth during the pandemic. Such thinking shows a true lack of imagination, which is essential to long-term growth investing. And such thinking is nothing but downright pessimism.

29 March 2021 | BOCOM International: Hao HONG, CFA

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29 March 2021 | BOCOM International: 洪灝,CFA

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Indexing Liquid Alternatives

Alternative investment strategies, including absolute return long-short, risk parity, global macro, or relative value, have historically been used only by the most sophisticated market participants, such as institutional investors and hedge funds.

1 March 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Tianyin Cheng, Phillip Brzenk, Rupert Watts, Fiona Boal

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The Belt and Road Initiative in ASEAN

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is enhancing development prospects and creating new business opportunities in ASEAN, one of the world’s most dynamic regions. A research project by HKUST IEMS highlighting Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines.

29 March 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): Albert Park, Angela Tritto, Dini Sejko

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Anticipating the Climate Change Risks for Sovereign Bonds

The deep economic changes necessary to achieve the Paris Agreement objectives require a consistent reallocation of resources. This gives the financial sector a key role in tackling climate change. Risk analysis is important in that perspective.

28 March 2021 | FTSE Russell: Nicolas Lancesseur, Thomas Lorans

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WEBINAR: Future of Sustainability in Investment Management - War for ESG Talents?

In late 2020, CFA Institute published a report titled “Future of Sustainability in Investment Management” in which we explored the influences and drivers fuelling the sustainability trend and set out enablers and actions for investment firms, including the need to better integrate sustainability data and to develop sustainability expertise to meet client expectations with innovative products. Rhodri Preece, CFA, senior head of industry research at CFA Institute, shares key highlights and takeaways from the study.

23 March 2021 | CFA Institute, Hong Kong Green Finance Association | Video: 61 min.

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Combining Equity and Fixed Income Listed Infrastructure: Approaches and Outcomes

In this paper, we demonstrate that combining listed equity and fixed income infrastructure in a single portfolio improves its risk and return profile compared to a pure infrastructure fixed income or equity portfolio.

28 March 2021 | FTSE Russell: Sergiy Lesyk

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VIDEO: Understanding How India Can Develop A Robust ETF Market

What can India learn from developed markets where we see ETF sponsors establishing a footprint early on? 

8 February 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices | Video: 51 min.

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SOE Reform in China: Implications for Policymakers and Investors

A rules-based and transparent approach to managing state-owned enterprises is in China's economic interest and will provide clarity for foreign investors.

15 March 2021 | Seafarer Capital Partners, LLC: Nicholas Borst

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FTSE Russell China Bond Research Report: March 2021

Interest in China’s sovereign debt market surged in 2020; foreign holdings of China’s treasury debt surged to a record 1.88 trillion RMB (as of end Dec); defaults spiked with Chinese firms cancelling or delaying issuance of roughly 200 bonds.

28 March 2021 | FTSE Russell

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WEBINAR: Index ETFs, Options, and Futures - Myths vs. Facts

As technology becomes an integral part of more and more aspects of our lives, our understanding of what constitutes a "technology company" is continuing to broaden and evolve. In this webinar, we talk about the formation and features of the Hang Seng TECH Index, the differences between active and passive investing strategies and how specific theme ETFs would possibly outperform active funds.

28 January 2021 | CFA Institute, CFA Society Hong Kong | Video: 59 min.

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VIDEO: Accessing the Expanding S&P 500 ESG Index Ecosystem

The S&P 500 ESG Index has redefined mainstream access to ESG, providing global investors with new tools designed to help them align objectives with their ESG values. This expanding ESG ecosystem is redefining the sustainable core.

21 February 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Mona Naqvi, Scott Ladner, Peter Horacek, and Bob Smith | Video: 58 min.

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Exploring Techniques in Multi-Factor Index Construction

In multi-factor equity index construction, the decision-making and practical implementation can be complex and challenging. See the range of portfolio construction choices available to those seeking rank-based, multi-factor approaches.

26 February 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Akash Jain, Lalit Ponnala, Andrew Innes

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Asia Currencies and Commodities Insights

SGX Asia Currencies Insights - USD strength and local equity weakness sees the yuan relinquish some recent gains, INR remains resilient to higher oil thanks to a much-improved BBoP.

10 March 2021 | SGX Research

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A Tale of Two Cities: Implications from Singapore and Hong Kong SAR for Asian Emerging Markets

Hong Kong SAR and Singapore have increasingly divergent economic models, although they continue to share some common features such as significant FDI inflows.

16 March 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): David Skilling

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VIDEO: The Effect of Global Commodity Prices on Bangladesh Market Cycles

This report and video discussion explore the long term relationship between global commodity prices, bond yields and equity market performance in Bangladesh.

21 January 2021 | EDGE Research & Consulting Limited | Video: 45 min.

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US-China Competition Will Expand into the Green Tech Space

Following Donald Trump’s exit, the US-China relationship will not be as overtly confrontational as it had been, but this year will see a bilateral rivalry as intense as that of last year – and pushing into new areas.

8 March 2021 | Eurasia Group 

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VIDEO: ESG - A Powerful Conversation You May Not Be Having With Your Clients

If an investment is destroying the planet we live on, or the society we are part of, is it really an investment at all? Are investment decisions only about a potential financial return, or perhaps about our own survival?

8 February 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices | Video: 45 min.

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Accessing the Growth of the “New China” Economy

As China’s economy matures, consumption and service-related industries are becoming more important. The S&P New China Sectors Index provides access to Chinese companies operating in specific industries poised to benefit from the transition.

21 February 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: John Welling

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WEBINAR: Building the FinTech Workforce of the Future

As Covid-19 forces governments and the industry to focus on workforce skills, the future is shaped by the convergence of technology and traditional finance. The panel discusses its implications for education, training, future job opportunities, and how this is being addressed at a macro (governmental) and micro (companies and individuals) level.

3 March 2021 | Pete Bentley, Brian Lam, Warwick Pearmund, Larry Cao, CFA, Clare Witts | Video: 1 hr 3 min.

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SPIVA Australia Scorecard: Year-End 2020

The semiannual SPIVA Australia Scorecard reports on the performance of Australian active funds against their respective benchmark indices over different time periods.

3 March 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Priscilla Luk, Arpit Gupta, Tim Wang

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Proposed ASIFMA Principles for Public Cloud Regulation

This paper puts forward principles that aim to promote discussion between financial institutions, cloud service providers, and regulators about the most effective way to implement public cloud regulation.

2 March 2021 | ASIFMA: Laurence Van Der Loo

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WEBINAR: Green, Social, and Sustainability Bonds

The third webinar in the series "ESG in Credit", presented by CFA Institute and Fitch Ratings, addresses the market outlook for the green, social, and sustainability bonds, the opportunities and challenges for investors, how best to avoid “greenwashing”, how to balance credit risk and impact considerations, and regulatory developments. 

2 March 2021 | Mary Leung, CFA, Mervyn Tang, CFA, Kenneth Hui, Giorgio Valente, Sean Kidney | Video: 1 hr 31 min.

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VIDEO: Is Passive Investing Another “New Normal” in India?

Passive investing continues to climb in India, with a CAGR of 49% over the last decade. How much more can it grow? 

8 February 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices | Video: 45 min.

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WEBINAR: ESG Performance and Impact in the Tropical Forestry Sector

Sustainable finance is needed more than ever to help address issues such as climate change, deforestation, or human rights violations. This webinar presents case studies from Robeco, an asset manager, and New Forests, a sustainable real assets investment manager, to support informed analysis and meaningful dialogue between financial institutions and tropical forestry sector companies.

26 February 2021 | Clara Melot, Adam Ng, PhD, Justin Mercer, Laura Bosch | Video: 1 hr 4 min.

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COVID‐19 and Market Risk: An Assessment of the G‐20 Nations

A study of the impact of Covid‐19 on downside stock market risk in the G‐20 nations using Value‐at‐Risk models suggests that the market volatility was higher during the pandemic than during other periods of market turmoil.  

31 December 2020 | Bhabani Sankar Rout, Nupur Moni Das, Mohd Merajuddin Inamdar

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WEBINAR: The Future Trends of Impact Investing in Asia

The goal of impact investing is to generate financial returns alongside measurable and positive social and environmental impact. Such investments provide capital funding to address the world’s most pressing challenges in sectors such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and affordable and accessible basic services, including housing, healthcare, and education.

22 February 2021 | Maud Savary-Mornet, Ronie Mak, Dina Pons, Pierrick Balmain, CFA, Piotr Zembrowski, CFA | Video: 1 hr 17 min.

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The Case for Equal Weight Indexing

The current market environment may present an opportunity for investors to consider Equal Weight in order to diversify away from some of the largest market constituents.

27 January 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Hamish Preston

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The Rise of the China Asset Class

There is growing global interest in mainland Chinese financial assets. The resulting capital inflows into China have buoyed the RMB, but also raised domestic policy concerns given the still restricted nature of the capital account.

20 February 2021 | RBC Capital Markets: Alvin Tan, Daniel Rico

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Revising Japan's Corporate Governance Code: Notes from a Digital Reporting Workshop for Japanese Investors

As Japan’s FSA is preparing to revise the Corporate Governance Code, what issues have been discussed in other markets in the region? How are stakeholder interests discussed in the UK, Australia, as a management responsibility?

19 February 2021 | Chie Mitsui

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An Introduction to Ginnie Mae Project Loans Agency CMBS

Ginnie Mae Project Loans, one of the major agency CMBS products, had a breakout year in 2020 as new issuance doubled since 2019. In this paper FTSE Russell provides an introduction to the project loans, and an overview of their characteristics.

18 February 2021 | FTSE Russell: Loy Weng, Luke Lu

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Manage Drawdown and Recovery with Dynamic Allocation

In October 2019, S&P Dow Jones Indices launched the S&P ESG Global Macro Index, an ESG-themed, regionally diversified, volatility-managed, multi-asset index.

19 January 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Claire Yi

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Asia Currencies and Commodities Insights

Upcoming Lunar New Year holidays have left a quiet trading environment for the Chinese yuan. CNH remains Asia’s best-performing currency. But compared with the gains through H2 2020, recent appreciation has been modest.

11 February 2021 | SGX Research

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VIDEO: How Deeper Data Impacts ESG Investing

What’s the material impact of the ESG data and scores on index construction and risk/return? Join S&P DJI, UBS Asset Management, and S&P Global as they discuss the increasingly important role of market-leading ESG assessments. 

25 January 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Jaspreet Duhra, Andrew Walsh, Manjit Jus | Video: 44 min.

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ESG: New Investment Normal Post-Covid-19

Asian economies generally have transformed their business models as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. ESG investing is expected to become part and parcel of the post-pandemic investment model.

15 February 2021 | Dr. Adnan Akhter, CFA

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Why Bitcoin and Digital Assets are Bullish (And Not a Bubble!)

Digital assets saw incredible gains towards the end of 2020 and in early 2021. Although the price will likely see a natural retracement, we look at the macro, the technicals, and the maturity of the assets, and see incredible synergistic forces.

15 February 2021 | Thomas A Kuhn, CFA

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Do Factors Carry Information about the Economic Cycle?

Part 1: The Investment Clock: Linking factor behavior to the economic cycle

Institutional investors are often faced with the question which factor strategies should be implemented in different phases of the economic cycle. In this paper, we examine how factors behave across economic cycles for the US market.

11 January 2021 | FTSE Russell: Marlies van Boven, PhD

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Part 2: New Thinking: Rebooting the Investment Clock

The concept of a normalized cycle has come under pressure after the Global Financial Crisis. FTSE Russell focuses on the new thinking, rebooting the "investment clock" to link factor behavior to secular regime shifts in the US market.

11 February 2021 | FTSE Russell: Marlies van Boven, PhD

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Are Asian Companies More Carbon Efficient Than Their Global Peers?

To compare the carbon efficiency of Asian companies with their global peers, we evaluated the carbon decile ranks of companies in the S&P Global BMI Series for Australia, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, South Korea, China, India, and Taiwan.

7 January 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Liyu Zeng

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Creditworthiness of Chinese Local Governments in 2021

A positive outlook for an economic recovery of China in 2021, with the GDP growth in many regions expected to surpass 8%, leads to a cautiously optimistic view of the creditworthiness of Chinese local governments in 2021.

8 February 2021 | Pengyuan International: Jameson Zuo

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WEBINAR: Sustainable and Responsible Investment

Experts from World Bank Malaysia, Bursa Malaysia, Securities Commission Malaysia, MSCI, EPF, CFA Society Malaysia, and CFA Institute discuss industry trends, opportunities and challenges focusing on sustainable and responsible investment practices with a focus on Malaysia's ambition as a sustainability-first nation.

4 February 2021 | Justin Ong, CFA; Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar; Firas Raad, PhD; Mary Leung, CFA; Chitra Hepburn, Mohamed Rozani Osman, Salmah Bee Mohd Mydin, Rohaya Mohammad Yusof | Video: 1 hr 45 min.

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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A Tightrope or a Boulevard to Prosperity?

The China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a key component of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) through which China aims to connect East Asia with Europe through connected land and sea routes.

4 February 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): Naubahar Sharif

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High Credit Ratings of China’s State-Owned Enterprise Underplays Risk: Energy Giant CHG's Coal Power Business Faces Numerous Challenges

Fixed income investors learned some tough lessons in 2020 about the Chinese government’s newfound willingness to let SOEs default on debt obligations. Some tough questions should be considered in investment decision-making in light of ESG factors.

1 February 2021 | Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis: Christina Ng

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Which Countries Have Benefited the Most from China’s BRI?

Analysis of project-level data on China’s outbound FDI and construction projects finds that the Belt and Road Initiative has led to a large increase in China’s outbound FDI in Belt and Road (B&R) countries compared to non-B&R countries.

3 February 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): Albert Park

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The New Financial Paradigm of Risk, Return, and Impact: Presentations from CFA Society Japan Series of Webinars on Impact Investing

Presentations from five CFA Society Japan 2020 webinars on impact investing cover current trends, management techniques, case studies, capital market perspectives, impact evaluation, and the outlook for the future.

3 February 2021 | CFA Society Japan, Fumi Sugeno, Kotaro Sueyoshi, Chunmei Huang, Toshiyuki Imamura, Naoki Chiba, Matt Christensen

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Protecting Foreign Direct Investment in the Belt and Road Countries

BRI is increasing FDI flows from China to BRI countries. Many BRI investments face substantial risk, because they feature large up-front capital expenditures that require long time horizons in order to generate returns.

2 February 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): Dini Sejko

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WEBINAR: Sustainable Finance and Tropical Forestry

Sustainable finance is crucial in helping to address issues such as climate change, deforestation, or human rights violations, and to rise to the challenge of the Sustainable Development Goals. Tropical timber and pulp products are everywhere and their production carries ESG risks, but the tropical forestry sector and its supply chains have been under-scrutinized.

27 January 2021 | CFA Institute, ZSL SPOTT, CFA Society Singapore | Video: 1 hr 3 min.

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Do Place-Based Policies Work? Lessons from China's Economic Zone Program

Can special economic zones be an effective policy tool to increase foreign direct investment and employment? They allow governments to try out trade-oriented industrial policies before broader implementation. 

1 February 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): Jin Wang

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Realizing Hong Kong’s Innovation Potential in the Greater Bay Area

Many stakeholders are concerned that Hong Kong is “losing its competitive edge”. A recent research report finds that non-positive interventionism no longer works and Hong Kong’s research funding model needs improvement.

30 January 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): Naubahar Sharif

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Power Generation Industry in Pakistan

Pakistan’s power generation sector comprises facilities in the public and private sectors, whose shares are almost equal. The plants include hydropower, thermal, nuclear, and renewable energy (wind, solar, bagasse/biomass). 

1 January 2021 | The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited: Saniya Tauseef, Qurat-ul-Ain

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Uneven Regulatory Playing Field and Bank Transparency Abroad

Restrictive home-country regulations lead to degraded transparency abroad and exert negative externalities on the global banking system. Negative externalities primarily exist in countries with weak supervisory powers.

29 January 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): Tai-yuan Chen

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Does the Game Stop with GameStop?

The GameStop squeeze on short-sellers is an extraordinary event in markets, where at face value, retail traders and investors have worked together in an attempt to put some of the largest Wall Street institutions out of business.

29 January 2021 | Thomas Kuhn, CFA

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Decrement Indices Explained

Decrement indices, which deduct a predefined (synthetic) dividend from a total return index on a daily basis, have gained popularity as the underlying assets of equity-linked structured products in Europe and Asia.

4 January 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Izzy Wang

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The Role of Banks in Illiquid Credit Markets: The Disruption and Evolution of Credit Portfolio Management

The combination of new entrants, new technologies and (unintended) consequences of regulatory and accounting rules are driving banks to collect more data and to develop sophisticated tools when designing ever more robust credit portfolio strategies.

31 January 2020 | Moody's Analytics: Dr. Amnon Levy, Dr. Pierre Xu

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The Covid-19 Crisis is an Opportunity to Reform the Global Economic System

The Covid-19 crisis represents one of the most devastating events of the 21st century, and as the disease shows few signs of abating despite prolonged lockdowns, projections show the worst is yet to come in the form of severe economic hardship.

26 January 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): Donald Low, Michael Tyrala

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VIDEO: Core Considerations - Why Liquidity Matters

CME Group’s Tim McCourt and State Street Global Advisors’ Rob Forsyth join S&P DJI’s Craig Lazzara to discuss how the liquidity and interconnectivity of the S&P 500 ecosystem benefits market participants.

14 December 2020 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Craig Lazzara, Tim McCourt, Rob Forsyth | Video: 10 min.

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Resource Allocation Among Competing Innovators

In allocating resources to competing innovators, a trade-off exists between the risk of innovation failure and rent dissipation. Venture capital and public funding authorities need to consider the incentives of entrepreneurs when providing support.

25 January 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): Yangguang (Sunny) Huang

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WEBINAR: Global Factor Performance: Is Value's rebound sustainable?

November 2020 was a great month for Value. Are we on the cusp of a sustained Value rotation? What are the catalysts for a sustained Value reversal? FTSE Russel’s Mark Barnes and Marlies van Boven answer these and other questions.

22 January 2021 | FTSE Russell Global Investment Research: Mark Barnes, Marlies van Boven | Video: 20 min.

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Why Do Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong Kong Borrow So Much?

Many migrant domestic workers (MDWs) in Hong Kong appear to finance foreseen expenditures through high-interest loans rather than through savings, thereby incurring a sizable cost.

22 January 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): Sujata Visaria

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How to Invest in Bitcoin: A look at Bitcoin's investment profile for institutional investment

At various times Bitcoin has been seen as a technology asset, a store of value, a hedging instrument and for pure speculation. We take a brief look at these use-cases for institutional investors.

22 January 2021 | Thomas Kuhn, CFA

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How to Create a Digital Asset Portfolio: Ideas for investors in a new asset class

Digital assets are an exciting new asset class without consensus on how they should be treated.  We discuss various assets available to investors and consider how portfolios may be constructed in sound ways.

22 January 2021 | Thomas Kuhn, CFA

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Brokerage Firms in Pakistan - An Overview

More than 200 licensed brokerage firms operate in Pakistan. Nine of them are listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. It is common for brokerage firms to offer other financial services, such as money management, tax advice and financial consultation. 

1 January 2021 | The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited: Saniya Tauseef, Insia Raza

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Russell Growth and Value Indexes: The enduring utility of style

The first Russell US Style indexes, the Russell 1000 Growth and Value Indexes, which split the market into growth and value buckets, were developed to provide benchmarks for active managers that specialized in growth or value investing.

22 January 2021 | FTSE Russell Global Investment Research: Mark Barnes

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WEBINAR: The Impact of Covid-19 on Pensions

Industry experts discuss the changes to the 2020 Mercer CFA Institute Global Pensions Index and the diverse efforts by governments across the world to support their communities’ health and finances.

19 January 2021 | CFA Institute | Video: 1 hr 7 min.

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VIDEO: Indexing Biodiversity: Examining Water as an Asset Class

Water is one of the world’s most essential commodities, but it is at risk from overuse, pollution, and soaring demand. S&P DJI’s Tianyin Cheng joins Redsand Ventures’ Colleen Becker to explore new tools for accessing water assets.

18 January 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Tianyin Cheng; Colleen Becker | Video: 8 min.

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Hong Kong’s Intermediary Role on Funding the BRI: How Does it Fare Against Singapore?

Given the scale and cross-border nature of the Belt and Road Initiative, it is clear that major offshore centers should play a role in funding, but is Hong Kong well placed to have a central role in intermediating overseas capital for BRI projects?

21 January 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): Alicia Garcia-Herrero, Hanrui Li, Gary Ng

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Regional Innovation Policy Experiments in China: Should City E-Hailing Measures be Generalized?

A case study of four Chinese cities shows that measures designed to regulate the business e-hailing have not been generalized across all regions/cities in China, but instead reflect conditions and factors that are specific to each of the cities.

20 January 2021 | HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS): Naubahar Sharif

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Oil Refinery Industry - An Overview

An overview of the global and Pakistan’s oil refinery industry and its performance following the economic slowdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and a decline in energy consumption.

2 November 2020 | The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited: SaniyaTauseef, Sarmad Masood

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The FinTech Dividend: How Much Money Is FinTech Likely to Mobilize for Sustainable Development?

Does FinTech offer a new way of funding sustainable development?  We find that roughly 3%-13% of funding required for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – or around $50 billion to $125 billion – could come from a FinTech dividend.

20 January 2021 | Bryane Michael

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