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Analysis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is an important part of the investment process. CFA Institute encourages all investment professionals to consider material ESG factors when making investment decisions. The Institute is also strongly focused on developing educational tools on ESG for its members and for the broader investment management industry. Below are the most notable ESG posts selected by the ARX Editorial Team. 

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Comparing China Green Definitions with the EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy

This briefing provides a preliminary analysis on China's Green Bond Endorsed Project Catalogue, the Green Industry Guiding Catalogue and the EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy in terms of their guiding principles, users, classification and screening.

10 September 2019 | Climate Bonds Initiative   

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Australia Green Finance: State of the Market 2019

Australia's green bond issuance has picked up significantly in 2019, with AUD15.6bn issued before 30 June. This places Australia 10th in cumulative global country rankings and 3rd in Asia Pacific. 

12 September 2019 | Climate Bonds Initiative   

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Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities: Australia 2019

The report advocates increasing green investment in the real economy to support Australia’s transition to a low carbon economy. It aims to facilitate greater engagement between project owners, governments and institutional investors.

12 September 2019 | Climate Bonds Initiative   

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ESG Disclosures in Asia Pacific

ESG disclosures by listed companies are an integral tool for investors who integrate ESG into their process. How are regulators and exchanges in Asia Pacific shaping their ESG disclosure regimes to meet investors' needs?  

04 August 2019 | CFA Institute   

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Smart Sustainability: Examining Regional Appeal  

Analysis of investors’ motivations for applying ESG considerations to smart beta, the factors that are causing  regional differences in demand, and the outlook for smart sustainability, based on FTSE Russell's annual smart beta survey.

25 July 2019 | FTSE Russell

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VIDEO: Powering ESG with Data: S&P DJI ESG Scores

A powerful new data set is redefining the ESG toolkit. S&P DJI’s Mona Naqvi and RobecoSAM’s Manjit Jus discuss what’s captured by S&P DJI ESG Scores, and how investors can use this data to inform their ESG decisions. (Video: 10 min.)

25 July 2019 | S&P Dow Jones Indices

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Doing Well While Doing Good: Islamic and Sustainability Equity Investing

Investors do not have to pay a price for Islamic or sustainable investing. Combining Islamic and sustainability investing strategies offers more rewards, particularly during the economic boom, bullish equity markets and subprime crisis periods.

15 July 2019 | Wajahat Azmi, Adam Ng, Ginanjar Dewandaru, Ruslan Nagayev

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Leading Global Capital Markets Towards a New Era

This policy review on ESG reporting for corporates and investors in Hong Kong highlights the city's potential for channelling global capital into ESG assets and leveraging finance to catalyse sustainable development.

28 June 2019 | Our Hong Kong Foundation | 1.0 CE

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Benchmarking Corporate Effectiveness

The Drucker Institute's intangibles-focused model combines with S&P DJI's quality factor to create the S&P Drucker Institute Corporate Effectiveness Index, offering a differentiated approach to capturing companies that reinvest in stakeholders.

19 June 2019 | S&P Dow Jones Indices  

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Sustainability and Financial Performance in the Banking Sector

Sustainability is one of the most significant trends in the banking industry, which in turn plays an important role in sustainable development. How does banks' social and environmental performance impact their financial performance?

11 June 2019 | Dr Adam Ng, Dr Ginanjar Dewandaru, Ruslan Nagayev, Esma Nizam

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ESG Integration in Asia Pacific: Markets, Practices, and Data

A new report by CFA Institute and Principles for Responsible Investment highlights best practices in ESG integration in six APAC markets: Australia, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Japan, and Singapore. 

09 June 2019 CFA Institute 

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Sustainable Factor Investing: Where Doing Well Meets Doing Good

Analysis of the impact of ESG integration on systematic factors in Australian equities shows that simultaneously exploiting ESG scores with quality, momentum and size characteristics outperforms standard factor strategies.

30 May 2019 | John Hua Fan, Lachlan Michalski

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Why Pension Schemes Can Lead on Climate Change

The long-term investment time frames of pension schemes lead to innovative investment approaches to difficult issues, such as climate change. Merseyside Pension Fund's Owen Thorne explains the fund's approach.

29 May 2019 | FTSE Russell

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Cultural Diversity in the Boardroom and Corporate Social Performance

Companies with more diverse boards of directors deliver better corporate social performance, as they satisfy the needs of broader groups of stakeholders.

21 May 2019 | Garel, A., Dodd, O., Frijns, B

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BlueOrchard Impact Report 2019/2020

BlueOrchard, an impact investment management firm, explains how it measures the impact of its investments and how it demonstrates their effectiveness in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

16 May 2019 | BlueOrchard 

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Green Bonds: The State of the Market 2018

The new annual report focuses on labelled green bonds and uncovers the latest developments in this asset type on a global scale. It looks at trends in green bond issuance and identifies avenues for market growth. 

07 May 2019 | Climate Bonds Initiative

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Japan Green Finance: State of the Market 2018

A detailed overview of the Japanese green bond market analyses the developments in the private and public sector for industries with green growth prospects, including low carbon property, transport, forestry and paper and manufacturing.

07 May 2019 | Climate Bonds Initiative | 0.5 CE

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CG Watch 2018: Hard Decisions

In the ninth Corporate Governance research report, ACGA in collaboration with CLSA analyse progress of CG reforms and transparency in 12 major APAC markets. The report also provides an overview of the ESG landscape in APAC.

7 May 2019 | Climate Bonds Initiative

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ASEAN green financial instrument guide

Several financial instruments and mechanisms are available for public and private entities in ASEAN that look to fund green assets through equity, debt and partnerships. This step-by-step guide gives an overview of the financing process and its implementation.

18 April 2019 | Climate Bonds Initiative | 0.5 CE

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Financing Low-Carbon Buildings and Energy Efficiency in the Green Bond Market

This report explores how the green bond market can be accessed to finance low-carbon buildings and energy efficiency upgrades, through issuance from property companies, financial institutions, local governments, and securitisation. 

3 April 2019 | Climate Bonds Initiative

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Synergistic Effects of CSR Practices on Firm Value: Evidence From Asia Pacific Emerging Markets

A study of companies in Asia Pacific emerging markets shows that firms engaging in all CSR dimensions including environmental, social, and governance practices can significantly add to the value of the firm.

19 March 2019 | Boonlert Jitmaneeroj 

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Dual-Class Shares: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

A Review of the Debate Surrounding Dual-Class Shares and Their Emergence in Asia Pacific 

19 March 2019 | CFA Institute

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ESG trends to watch in 2019

We highlight five of the most pressing challenges and opportunities ESG institutional investors face in 2019: plastic waste, regulations, the effects of climate change, the big signal revolution and the role of corporate leadership.

13 March 2019 | MSCI | 1.0 CE

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VIDEO: The 3rd ESG Symposium - Dual Class Shares

We highlight five of the most pressing challenges and opportunities ESG institutional investors face in 2019: plastic waste, regulations, the effects of climate change, the big signal revolution and the role of corporate leadership.

13 March 2019 | MSCI | 1.0 CE

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VIDEO: ESG Strategy For Hong Kong

Following the release by FSDC of its ESG strategy proposal for Hong Kong, a panel hosted by FSDC, CFA Institute and HKSFA discusses its recommendations and the future of Hong Kong as an ESG investment centre.

7 March 2019 | CFA Institute | 1.0 CE | Video: 1 hr 19 min.  

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Blue Investing: Searching for Solutions to Ocean Plastics

Plastic pollution, particularly in oceans, is a growing environmental concern. The report takes a deep dive into the economy of plastics in search of companies well-positioned to mitigate the risks of plastic pollution and to deliver sustainable solutions. 

12 November 2018 | Sustainalytics  

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