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Analysis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is an important part of the investment process. CFA Institute encourages all investment professionals to consider material ESG factors when making investment decisions. The Institute is also strongly focused on developing educational tools on ESG for its members and for the broader investment management industry. Below are the most notable ESG posts selected by the ARX Editorial Team. 

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Mind the Gaps: Clarifying Corporate Carbon

The paper surveys the current state of corporate carbon disclosure, explores the challenges facing investors in using estimation strategies and introduces a new FTSE Russell carbon emission dataset for c. 10,000 companies.

17 May 2022 | FTSE Russell: John Simmons, Jaakko Kooroshy, Edmund Bourne, Mallika Jain, Lee Clements

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Geothermal: Earth’s Natural Battery Power

We look at the scope, the technology, and industry players in the niche but important energy source on the path to net zero.

10 May 2022 | MioTech

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Bringing ESG Considerations to Australian Strategies

The S&P/ASX 200 ESG Index draws on the intelligence of the S&P DJI ESG Scores, which robustly measure companies’ ESG risk and performance factors to measure the performance of securities from the benchmark index that meet sustainability criteria.

21 April 2022 | S&P Dow Jones Indices

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The S&P PACT Indices: Leading the Net Zero Charge for Two Years

Two years is a long time in the sphere of ESG. While the world wrestled with the worst pandemic in a century, S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) shook the ESG indexing space and cemented its position as a leader in climate indices.

20 April 2022 | S&P Dow Jones Indices

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How Asset Owners Prioritize Action on Climate Change: 2021 Global Survey Findings from Asset Owners

This report examines how assets owners around the world are prioritizing positive action on climate change and how they are actively engaging as shareholders to encourage corporates to accelerate their own climate-focused initiatives.

6 May 2022 | FTSE Russell

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On Greener Pastures: Global Sustainability Funds Development 2021-22

With global sustainability assets reaching US$2.74 trillion in 2021, how are investment pools developing and performing globally?  

28 April 2022 | MioTech; Fay Wu

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WEBINAR: Modern Slavery - Legal and Regulatory Landscape

Watch the recorded webinar as it discusses the current state of modern slavery risks, the impact of the COVID-pandemic and the evolving legal and regulatory landscape in several key markets like Australia and Thailand.

27 April 2022 | CFA Institute, Monash University

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Reframing Fund Managers’ Increasing Climate Compliance Requirements

Ideas to encourage the early and robust application of the likes of the SFC's revised FMCC - it's based on science, starts with identifying/assessing, and makes so much sense from the five perspectives included (and more!)

22 April 2022 | Red Links; Fiona Donnelly

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Measuring Modern Slavery Statement Disclosure Quality

Do the largest ASX-listed companies fully understand and disclose their modern slavery risks in their operations and supply chains, as required by Australia's Modern Slavery Act (2018)? Disappointingly, more than a third of them don't.

19 April 2022 | Monash Centre for Financial Studies, Nga Pham, Bei Cui, Ummul Ruthbah

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12 April 2022 | 金融市场研究; 王文,刘锦涛

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Highlights of Panel Discussion on SRI Taxonomy

Part 5 of the SRI series focused on taxonomy of sustainable investing. The document comprises summarized views on topics like principles-based taxonomy, classification of environmental objectives, financing credit transitions and transition strategy.

8 April 2022 | CFA Society Malaysia

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WEBINAR: APAC ESG Investment Strategy: Identifying APAC's ESG Trend-setters

Watch the recorded webinar on 2022 ESG trends to watch and trend-setters in the APAC region, with a zoom-in on climate change, biodiversity and supply chains.

7 April 2022 | CFA Institute, MSCI

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Green or Brown: Which Overpriced Stock to Short Sell?

This research shows a negative relationship between firm’s ESG performance and short selling demand among overpriced stocks. Shorting overpriced stocks with high ESG scores exposes the trader to higher risk.

31 March 2022 | Weiming Zhang

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Integrating ESG into Core Japanese Benchmarks

The FTSE Blossom Japan Index helps investors integrate ESG considerations and enhance ESG exposure, while maintaining the index characteristics of a broad market benchmark. It also provides a strong basis for corporate engagement.

31 March 2022 | Atsuhito Mori, FTSE Russell

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氣候變化危機與ESG投資機遇 : 投資者教育講座


17 March 2022 | CFA Institute, CFA Society Hong Kong, IFEC

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Gauging Opportunities from the Hydrogen Economy

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be driven by renewable energy, and in the context of energy transition, hydrogen could play a vital role.

7 March 2022 | S&P Dow Jones Indices

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Advent of ESG Ecosystem In India

In India, there is a growing recognition of the importance of ESG factors and their material impact on corporate sustainability. This recognition is coming from all the stakeholders of the markets.

1 March 2022 | Mohd Merajuddin Inamdar, Dr. (CA) Minaxi A Rachchh

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Breaking Down Real Estate Net-Zero Targets

In this report, we outline an approach to evaluate real estate funds’ and companies’ decarbonization and net-zero commitments and targets. The goal is to help the wider industry set comprehensive, ambitious and feasible net-zero commitments.

10 March 2022 | MSCI: Antonios Panagiotopoulos, Bert Teuben

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2022 ESG Trends to Watch / 2022 年 ESG 趋势展望

Over the last decade, ESG has gone from fringe to mainstream. Investors and companies have seen increased regulation, demands for transparency and a quest for standards. MSCI presents ten ESG trends to watch in 2022.

2022 年和未来十年会有哪些趋势? 近年来,气候变化已经超越公司治理,成为最紧迫且备受投资者关注的环境、社会、公司治理(ESG)议题。与此同时,ESG 投资也已经真正成为主流的投资方式,(并持续受到监管机构的关注)。然而,未来十年,企业、投资者和我们所在的地球都将面临更多新的风险,考验我们能否从过去的经历中吸取教训。

10 March 2022 | MSCI: Linda-Eling Lee, Meggin Thwing Eastman

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Sustainable Investments Insights: Quarterly Report - February 2022

Decarbonization and green-technology strategies suffered most from surging fossil-fuel prices and the resulting selloff in alternative energy stocks. Yield-curve steepening weighed on sustainable strategies that have large underweights in financials.

2 March 2022 | FTSE Russell

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Sustainability in the Natural Rubber Supply Chain: Getting the Basics Right

Downstream companies and financial institutions hold the key to driving significant environmental and social changes in the natural rubber industry by committing to and applying sustainable practices and improving sourcing procedures.

21 January 2022 | Fabrice Inkonkoy, Zoological Society of London

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Keynote and Fireside Chat: SDG Investing

Watch this pre-recorded CFA Institute Alpha Summit APAC presentation to learn about how to implement UNPRI Sustainable Development Goals in an investment framework. 

10 February 2022 | CFA Institute

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Panel Discussion: The Pandemic's Impact on Shareholder Activism

Watch this CFA Institute Alpha Summit on-demand video to learn about the changing landscape of shareholder activism in Asia Pacific. 

10 February 2022 | CFA Institute

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Panel Discussion: Global and Regional ESG Regulations and Standards: Implications for the Financial Services Industry

Watch this CFA Institute Alpha Summit on-demand video to learn how ESG regulations in Asia Pacific are impacting the financial industry.

10 February 2022 | CFA Institute

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Panel Discussion: Climate Change Risk – Action for Industry Stakeholders

Watch this pre-recorded CFA Institute Alpha Summit APAC panel discussion to learn about the best practices of integrating climate risk into financial decision-making. 

10 February 2022 | CFA Institute

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Fireside Chat: Progress in Greening the Financial System: Lessons Learned and Looking Forward

Watch this pre-recorded video session of the 2022 CFA Institute Alpha Summit APAC to learn how financial firms in the region transition to the green economy.

10 February 2022 | CFA Institute

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Impact of Debt Maturity and Financing Constraints on Corporate Investment

This study investigates how the maturity structure of a firm’s debt affects its investment decisions. Using data for Chinese firms, we find that debt maturity positively impacts investment, especially for firms that face higher financial constraints.

This paper was submitted for the CFA Institute ARX Best Paper Award at the 26th Annual New Zealand Finance Colloquium 2022.

25 January 2022 | Kuntal K. Das; Nicholas A. Ross

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Moving From Risk to Resilience: Climate Change and the Forestry Sector

Lack of disclosures in forestry operations is a missed opportunity, creating data gaps or ‘blind spots’ for financiers and buyers who need to consider their exposure to climate risk.

1 November 2021 | Zoological Society of London, SPOTT initiative: Maggie FitzHerbert, Clara Melot

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Tropical Timber: A Guide to Responsible Sourcing and Financing

This report from ZSL SPOTT provides an overview of ESG issues associated with unsustainable timber and pulp production. It provides financial institutions and buyers guidance on the role of certification, and on what they should be asking companies. 

26 January 2021 | Zoological Society of London, SPOTT initiative

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Financing Food Systems Decarbonisation: The Forgotten Sector

How financial institutions may support the transformation of the food system via allocating funds to innovative  business models in mitigating carbon emissions, utilizing innovative financing model to fund climate-smart food production.

21 December 2021 | Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers: Adam Farhan, Fatin Zani

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From Grass to Mass: An Index-Based Approach to Measuring Greenium in Green Bonds

Green bonds have historically exhibited a green premium—or "greenium"—meaning they have lower yields compared to non-green bonds with otherwise similar characteristics.

13 December 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices

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InsuranceTalks: Exploring ESG Implementation in the Insurance Space

What obstacles is ESG adoption facing in the insurance space? What is changing and what further developments are needed to help make ESG more accessible in insurance?

8 November 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices

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Bringing ESG Considerations to Equal-Weight Indices

Equal-weight indices can have many benefits, notably long-term outperformance—largely driven by exposures to small size and value, along with their associated risk premia—as well as reduced concentration in the largest names.

17 December 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices

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“Do No Significant Harm” and “Minimum Safeguards” in Practice: Navigating the EU Taxonomy Regulation

This paper analyses the DNSH and MS requirements within the Climate Delegated Act, transforming them into sustainable investment data points and proposing data solutions to assess the EU taxonomy alignment of activities, companies and portfolios.

17 December 2021 | FTSE Russell: Lily Dai, Sarah Williams, Jaakko Kooroshy, Lee Clements

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Sustainability in Fixed Income: Key Developments and Investment Considerations

This paper presents key developments in ESG investing and considerations for fixed income investors when integrating sustainability into the investment process.

17 December 2021 | MFS Investment Management: Pilar Gomez-Bravo, Mahesh Jayakumar

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WEBINAR: Introducing the First Global Voluntary ESG Disclosure Standards

The purpose of the CFA Institute Global ESG Disclosure Standards for Investment Products is to facilitate fair representation and full disclosure of an investment product’s consideration of ESG issues in its objectives, investment process, or stewardship activities. When investment products’ ESG approaches are fairly represented and fully disclosed, investors, consultants, advisors, and distributors can better understand, evaluate, and compare investment products, and the potential for greenwashing diminishes.

15 December 2021 | CFA Institute | Video: 62 min.

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WEBINAR: CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing

This info session highlights the latest trends and opportunities in the ESG investment space and demonstrates how the Certificate in ESG Investing provides investment professionals with the expertise and insights needed to integrate ESG factors into investment decisions, preparing you with skills to excel now and in the future. 

7 December 2021 | CFA Institute | Video: 59 min.

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Do Physical and Transition Climate Risks Translate Into Investment Risks?

As climate risk becomes better understood, interest in ESG investing grows. Jaspreet Duhra, Global Head of ESG Indices, and Muhammad Masood, Director of iShares Sustainable Investing, explore what’s driving heightened adoption of ESG strategies.

4 November 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices

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An ESG Analysis of the COVID-19 Crisis

In this study, we ask whether ESG resilience is the key to a well-managed pandemic such as COVID-19. Using our in-house model, ESG Factor-IN, we make the link between ESG performance and the human casualties of the pandemic. 

6 December 2021 | FTSE Russell: Julien Moussavi, Lazar Karapandza

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Do Managers Walk the Talk on Environmental and Social Issues?

We train a deep-learning model on various corporate sustainability frameworks in order to construct a comprehensive Environmental and Social (E&S) dictionary that incorporates materiality, and examine whether firms walk their talk on E&S issues.

This paper was submitted for the Asia Pacific Research Exchange Award at the 2021 New Zealand Finance Meeting.

26 November 2021 | Sudheer Chava, Wendi Du, Baridhi Malakar

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Towards Investor-Oriented Carbon Targets Data

This paper proposes a TCFD-aligned framework for standardising and improving the quality of corporate GHG emissions reduction targets, and recommends further alignment and wider publication of targets.

23 November 2021 | FTSE Russell: Jaakko Kooroshy, Felix Fouret, Charles Dodsworth, John Simmons

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The COP26 Net Zero Atlas

Our first Net Zero Atlas surveys countries’ latest climate targets and mitigation strategies, and calculates the implied temperature rise (ITR) associated with individual national climate goals.

23 November 2021 | FTSE Russell: Nicolas Lancesseur, Colin Subtil, Camille Cros, Jaakko Kooroshy

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Analyzing Active Fund Managers’ Commitment to ESG: Evidence from the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment

The UN PRI is the largest global ESG initiative in the asset management industry. Do firms that become PRI signatories make significant changes in their funds to integrate ESG in their investment process? 

22 November 2021 | Aaron Yoon, Soohun Kim

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Incorporating ESG into US Equity Benchmarks

To incorporate ESG into a broad US market index, deviation was needed from the risk and return of the underlying benchmark. Find out in this paper how FTSE Russell’s ESG Target Exposure approach can become a substitute for the traditional benchmarks.

16 November 2021 | FTSE Russell: Tony Campos, Carolyn Eagle

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Applying ESG Factors to Government Bond Indices

What is the best way to apply an ESG investment approach to a global sovereign debt portfolio? Discover in this report how the FTSE ESG WGBI approaches this by applying the factor tilting methodology of the FTSE Global Factor Index series. 

15 November 2021 | FTSE Russell: Richard Davies, Lazar Karapandza, Julien Moussavi

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Cross Border Carbon and Potential Carbon Border Taxes

This paper assesses carbon border adjustment issues for investors by exploring the growing trend towards carbon border tax scenarios; the implications for financial investment; and assets’ exposures to the risks and opportunities involved.

15 November 2021 | FTSE Russell: Guillaume Emin, Claire Hugo

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WEBINAR: ESG Trends in APAC Markets: Laggards vs. Leaders

Which ESG themes are driving sector improvements? Who are the laggards and leaders in the various markets and what does this rise in ESG Ratings mean to investors? In this webinar we look at positive ESG trends in the APAC region, the most improved high risk ESG sectors, and the opportunities to turn an ESG laggard into a leader

26 October 2021 | CFA Institute, MSCI | Video: 1 hr 2 min.

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VIDEO: Ice Cap Experience - Learn how global warming is threatening Canadian ice caves

Join us in this educational and  beautiful virtual tour of the Canadian ice cap and learn how global warming is threatening the ice caves and its landscape.

12 October 2021 | MFS Investment Management | Video: 42 min.

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VIDEO: Priming the NextGen for a Sustainable Future

These leaders share how their organizations adapt and build teams with skillsets that cater to the future. A future that requires resilience while ensuring sustainability from an environmental, social or governance perspective.

28 August 2021 | CFA Society Malaysia | Video: 1 hr 8 min.

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Scenario Analysis as a Valuable Tool for Analyzing Climate Change Risks / 気候変動リスク対応としてのシナリオ分析

The paper describes what Japanese companies are doing in terms of disclosure in line with the TCFD recommendations, and describes scenario analysis as a valuable tool to evaluate climate change risk, focusing on NGFS.


13 September 2021 | Ryujiro Miki, CFA, Research Institute for Policies on Pension & Aging (RIPPA)

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WEBINAR: Overview of "ESG Integration Framework" for Investment Analysis

CFA Institute partnered with The Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand to conduct a webinar to help enhance the knowledge of ESG investing for local practitioners. The webinar is targeting local intermediaries, with aims to equip them with fundamental understanding and knowledge in providing ESG-related services to investors.

7 September 2021 | CFA Institute, SEC Thailand, CFA Society Thailand | Video: 1 hr 32 min.

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Global Investment ESG Trends for Hong Kong Companies to Focus On / 香港企業值得關注的全球四大ESG投資趨勢

Asset managers and investee companies are under pressure to deliver more when it comes to ESG, including demands from owners in more ESG mature/sophisticated markets.  We present our top four global investment ESG trends that are looming.

3 September 2021 | The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies: Fiona Donnelly, Christian Plath

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The Journey to Net Zero

The landmark Paris Agreement marked a sea change in the global fight against climate change. Groundbreaking new datasets and index innovation are emerging, enabling investors to play an expanded role in achieving the goals.

28 July 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Mona Naqvi

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Anticipating the Climate Change Risks for Sovereign Bonds

In the run-up to COP 26, reconciling the competing national agendas towards the global climate crisis remains a challenge. Understanding of the potential economic and financial risks, in the event of a disorderly transition or no transition at all.

10 August 2021 | FTSE Russell: Nicolas Lancesseur, Ph.D., Julien Moussavi, Ph.D.

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WEBINAR: Responsible Investing - The ESG-Efficient Frontier

The question of whether ESG improves risk-adjusted returns continues to be debated. The investor's problem can be reduced to a trade-off between ESG and Sharpe ratio, and under this framework equilibrium asset prices satisfy an ESG-adjusted capital asset pricing model, showing when ESG increases or lowers the required return.

17 August 2021 | CFA Societies Australia, CFA Society Singapore | Video: 1 hr

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Benchmarking the Green Bond Market: Adding impact to your fixed income strategy

In this paper FTSE Russell presents: an update on the growth in the impact of green bond markets; an outline of the evolving standards for defining green bonds and their role; and the importance of green bond indexes in measuring performance.

15 July 2021 | FTSE Russell: Joanne Saleeba, Lily Dai, Lily Chung

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Anticipating the Climate Change Risks for Sovereign Bonds - Part 2: Insights on the financial impacts

This paper provides an innovative and practical methodology that measures the financial impact of climate change risks on sovereign fixed-income assets.

8 July 2021 | FTSE Russell: Julien Moussavi, Thomas Lorans 

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SI Indexes: Top-Down Targets or Bottom-Up Aesthetics?

A debate is brewing as to whether headline, or “top-down”, Sustainable Investment targets, such as carbon emission reductions or ESG uplifts, are consistent with stock level, or “bottom-up”, conditions required for successful corporate engagement.

8 July 2021 | FTSE Russell: Andrew Dougan, Elizaveta Nebykova

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Fiduciary Duties – ESG and the Risk of Director Negligence

An overview of board members' ESG responsibilities and risks, and what role governance professionals can play in ensuring directors comply with their fiduciary duties.

23 June 2021 | The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries: Fiona Donnelly, Kevin Bowers

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Reducing Carbon Exposure in Australian Equities

An innovative way to reduce the carbon footprint of portfolios while constraining active risk is proposed in this paper, which evaluates the adoption of the S&P Global Carbon Efficient Index Methodology by the broad-based S&P/ASX 300.

4 May 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Akash Jain, Priscilla Luk, Tim Wang, Anurag Kumar

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Climate Scenario Alignment, Net-Zero, and Uncertainty

The S&P Paris-Aligned & Climate Transition (PACT) Indices are designed to give investors confidence in following absolute decarbonization pathways.

6 May 2021 | Ben Leale-Green, S&P Dow Jones Indices

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Big Data for ESG Investing: Practitioner's Brief

This practitioner's brief summarizes the CFA Institute 15 April 2021 webinar, which sheds some light on how WeBank, a Chinese digital-only bank, utilises AI and alternative data sources to generate proprietary real-time data for ESG investing

15 April 2021 | CFA Institute

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WEBINAR: ESG and Sustainability - International Policies and Reporting Frameworks

As ESG and sustainable investing become centre stage, concerns that the inconsistency and variation in ESG-related disclosures, terminology, and investment approaches may give rise to confusion and misunderstanding has also risen. A slew of new regulations and standards globally are being implemented to tackle the issue of greenwashing, raise transparency and disclosure for the benefit of investor protection and product development.

9 June 2021 | CFA Institute | Video: 1 hr 15 min.

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Climate Change Integration in the Investment Process: Practitioner's Brief

This practitioner's brief summarizes the CFA Institute 9 April 2020 webinar, on Climate Change and ESG Disclosures, which discusses a few of the most pressing questions that financial professionals have to guide them in making effective decisions.

9 April 2020 | CFA Institute

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WEBINAR: Social and Sustainable Sukuk (Part 4 of the Islamic Finance Webinar Series)

With the global issuance of sustainable bonds reaching a record US$100 billion in the second quarter of 2020, and Shari’ah principles supporting profit-based initiatives with socio-economic impact, it should come as no surprise that social impact Sukuk are fast becoming a popular financing instrument. 

3 June 2021 | CFA Institute | Video: 1 hr 39 min.

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Future of Sustainability in Investment Management: Practitioner's Brief

This practitioner's brief summarizes the CFA Institute 23 March 2021 webinar, which explored key trends in the shift to sustainability in investment management and the kind of future it envisions.

23 March 2021 | CFA Institute

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Mapping the Growth Trajectory of ESG Investing

After years on the fringe, sustainability concerns and those involving social, environmental, and governance (ESG) issues are now firmly part of mainstream investment thinking. Find out where ESG investing is headed.

4 June 2021 | Libby Bernick, GLG

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WEBINAR: ESG Integration in Sovereign Bonds (Part 4 of the webinar series "ESG in Credit")

As appetite for ESG investments has grown, so has the question of if and how ESG factors may affect the analysis of sovereign debt issues. Risks from climate change, including the associated policy responses, have been under particular focus. For example, countries that are major fossil fuel exporters are most exposed to climate change transition risk, giving rise to stranded assets and significant uncertainties, with knock-on implications for debt servicing and repayment capabilities.

25 May 2021 | CFA Institute, Fitch Ratings | Video: 1 hr 18 min.

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ESG – The Next Big Investment Theme in India

Investing is all about anticipating future events and pricing future risks and opportunities in today’s investment decisions. ESG risk and opportunities must be incorporated in the valuation of securities.

12 April 2021 | Labanya Prakash Jena

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ESG Scores and Beyond: Contribution of themes to ESG Ratings - a statistical assessment

With the attention of investors being increasingly focused on sustainability issues, awareness of ESG ratings characteristics is essential, as it enables a better understanding of their meaning. This paper answers “What themes matter most in ESG?"

20 April 2021 | FTSE Russell: Kevin Ratsimiveh, Ruben Haalebos

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WEBINAR: ESG Financing Requirements in Tropical Forestry

Although the forestry industry is an important contributor to the activities of countless sectors, it contributes to unsustainable pressure on the world’s forests, particularly in tropical regions. What kind of sustainability requirements do financial institutions place on forestry sector companies to address ESG risk and how do they follow up on compliance and progress?

21 April 2021 | FA Institute, CFA Society Singapore, ZSL SPOTT | Video: 1 hr 5 min.

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WEBINAR: Economic and Market Impacts of Climate Change

A presentation of the CFA Institute report “Climate Change Analysis in the Investment Process”, followed by a discussion of economic and market implications of climate change, carbon pricing, and recent developments in carbon markets.

2 February 2021 | CFA Institute | Video: 59 min.

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WEBINAR: Big Data for ESG Investing

Haishan Wu, vice general manager of AI department at Webank, shares insights on how Webank leverages AI to generate proprietary real-time data for ESG investing from a variety of sources, including satellite images, media reporting, and social media sentiment.

15 April 2021 | CFA Institute, Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia | Video: 1 hr 17 min.

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Anticipating the Climate Change Risks for Sovereign Bonds

The deep economic changes necessary to achieve the Paris Agreement objectives require a consistent reallocation of resources. This gives the financial sector a key role in tackling climate change. Risk analysis is important in that perspective.

28 March 2021 | FTSE Russell: Nicolas Lancesseur, Thomas Lorans

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WEBINAR: Future of Sustainability in Investment Management - War for ESG Talents?

In late 2020, CFA Institute published a report titled “Future of Sustainability in Investment Management” in which we explored the influences and drivers fuelling the sustainability trend and set out enablers and actions for investment firms, including the need to better integrate sustainability data and to develop sustainability expertise to meet client expectations with innovative products. Rhodri Preece, CFA, senior head of industry research at CFA Institute, shares key highlights and takeaways from the study.

23 March 2021 | CFA Institute, Hong Kong Green Finance Association | Video: 61 min.

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VIDEO: Accessing the Expanding S&P 500 ESG Index Ecosystem

The S&P 500 ESG Index has redefined mainstream access to ESG, providing global investors with new tools designed to help them align objectives with their ESG values. This expanding ESG ecosystem is redefining the sustainable core.

21 February 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Mona Naqvi, Scott Ladner, Peter Horacek, and Bob Smith | Video: 58 min.

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VIDEO: ESG - A Powerful Conversation You May Not Be Having With Your Clients

If an investment is destroying the planet we live on, or the society we are part of, is it really an investment at all? Are investment decisions only about a potential financial return, or perhaps about our own survival?

8 February 2021 | S&P Dow Jones Indices | Video: 45 min.

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WEBINAR: Green, Social, and Sustainability Bonds

The third webinar in the series "ESG in Credit", presented by CFA Institute and Fitch Ratings, addresses the market outlook for the green, social, and sustainability bonds, the opportunities and challenges for investors, how best to avoid “greenwashing”, how to balance credit risk and impact considerations, and regulatory developments. 

2 March 2021 | Mary Leung, CFA, Mervyn Tang, CFA, Kenneth Hui, Giorgio Valente, Sean Kidney | Video: 1 hr 31 min.

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