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ARX is designed to bring together investment professionals in Asia Pacific and other regions to share their views, knowledge and experience, so that they can learn from their peers and thought-leaders. Below are the most often downloaded posts in the last three months.

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COVID-19 Impact on Bangladesh Economy

Like in most other nations, the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented shock to the Bangladesh economy. The report explores the possible impact of the ongoing pandemic on the broad economy and major industries of the country. 

22 June 2020 | LankaBangla Asset Management Co. Ltd.

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WEBINAR: ESG Integration in Fixed Income in Practice

In this webinar, second in the series on ESG in credit, we have invited investment managers and asset owners to provide real life examples of how ESG is integrated into fixed income in practice, such as ESG evaluation methods, performance measurements, reporting practices and the design of ESG investment products.

17 November 2020 | CFA Institute ARX | Video: 1 hr 11 min.

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WEBINAR: The Battle for Business Ethics

To celebrate the Global Ethics Day 2020, ACCA and CFA Institute collaborated for the first time to launch an Ethics Essay Competition for our members and student population. The competition endeavored to promote ethics and integrity in finance and investment management.

3 December 2020 | CFA Institute, ACCA | Video: 1 hr

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WEBINAR: The Rise of Decentralized Finance: Disruption or Opportunity?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) – financial products and services based on the blockchain technology – has seen a surge of interest and new developments in 2020. New applications in areas such as lending, insurance, derivatives, and exchanges, expand our understanding of what services DeFi can support. Experts from BCG Platinion and Crypto.com discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities in decentralized finance.

8 December 2020 | CFA Institute, BCG Platinion, Crypto.com | Video: 1 hr 14 min.

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WEBINAR: Deep Dive into VIX and Market Volatility

Known as the market's "fear gauge", the VIX index and its related measures covering equity, currency and fixed income markets across the globe, have become go-to measures of uncertainty and turmoil in markets. How does VIX encode meaningful predictions about the future behaviour of the markets? 

12 May 2020 | Tim Edwards, PhD; Franki Chung, CFA

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Outlook 2021: Value Strikes Back

As several indicators indicate continuing recovery in China’s market, value sectors – the traditional and cyclical sectors with low valuation – are outperforming. Financials, industrials, materials, energy and consumer discretionary will benefit.

20 November 2020 | BOCOM International: Hao Hong, CFA

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Climate Finance Markets and the Real Economy: Sizing the Global Need and Defining the Market Structure to Mobilize Capital

The report calls for coordinated and concerted action by the public, social, and private sectors to significantly scale the Climate Finance Market Structure (CFMS) over the next three decades.

7 December 2020 | GFMA, BCG

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VIDEO: Understanding the Market Impact of the U.S. Election

Sam Stovall shares his post-election outlook for global equities, walking us through what history has to say about which sectors and markets could benefit most from an evolving political landscape. (Video: 24 min.)

30 November 2020 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Sam Stovall | Video: 24 min.

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Oil Marketing Companies: An Overview

Oil has the highest share of ~33% in the global energy mix. The industry holds a strategic importance in the Pakistani economy as well as a vital position in the country's oil and gas sector, contributing ~9% to the GDP.

1 November 2020 | The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited: SaniyaTauseef, Aimen Noor

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WEBINAR: Practices and Opportunities in Islamic Capital Markets

Capital market practitioners and Islamic finance experts discuss the fundamental principles of Shariah law governing capital markets, opportunities for companies to issue sukuk for funding projects, and more. Part 3 of the Islamic finance webinar series.

15 December 2020 | CFA Institute, CFA Society Indonesia, CFA Society Malaysia, CFA Society Pakistan | Video: 1 hr 32 min.

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The Right ETF Starts with the Right Index

There are many different passive strategies to choose from, but having so much choice for each situation can be confusing. Advisers need to understand how indexes work in order to help their clients achieve their goals.

17 November 2020 | FTSE Russell

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Valuation Effect of Corporate Name Change in Chinese Technology Stocks

Each year, hundreds of firms change names in China, for legitimate reasons or as a trend-riding strategy. Do investors truly reward such corporate actions? We examine the short-term valuation effect of name changes for China technology stocks.

24 November 2020 | Li Hui, Tan Yeng May

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Integration of ESG in Valuation – A Summary

With ample empirical evidence on how ESG factors affect corporates’ operating and financial performance, ESG has become a factor in investment decision making, presenting material risks and opportunities.

14 October 2020 | CFA Society India: Labanya Prakash Jena

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The Growth of Multi-Asset Investing

Multi-asset investing has grown dramatically in popularity during the last decade. Together with passive investing, it is currently one of the fastest-growing segments of the global asset management business.

28 October 2020 | FTSE Russell

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WEBINAR: Innovation in Islamic Banking

To compete with the conventional players, Islamic financial institutions must provide a unique and an attractive proposition to consumers and investors. They also have to navigate around the additional compliance responsibilities with Shariah requirements.

21 October 2020 | CFA Society Bangladesh, CFA Society Indonesia, CFA Society Malaysia, CFA Society Pakistan, CFA Institute | Video: 1 hr 38 min.

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ESG-Screening and Factor-Risk-Adjusted Performance: The Concentration Level of ESG-Screening Does Matter

The benefit of ESG-screening outweighs the cost of increasing diversifiable risk until about 50% of low score funds are excluded from the eligible universe. Investors need to treat the concentration level of ESG-screening as a search parameter.

29 October 2020 | Ick Jin

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WEBINAR: Invest in Your Career to Reach the Top: Equity Research

Equity research analysts work at a variety of companies, such as asset managers, investment banks, insurance, hedge funds, pension funds, and brokerages, which need to crunch data to spot trends or to decide on a valuation.

11 November 2020 | CFA Society Philippines: Charles William Ang, CFA | Video: 1 hr 2 min.

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Global Emerging Markets Chartbook: October 2020

Key rating trends and drivers for emerging market sovereigns, financial institutions and non-financial corporates.

29 October 2020 | Moody's Investors Service

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Evaluating Passive Value Strategies

Value investing is a well-known strategy that seeks to exploit perceived differences between a security’s price and an assessment of its true underlying worth.  An investor should consider carefully which is the most appropriate value index to use.

25 September 2020 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Jason Giordano, Jason Ye

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WEBINAR: The Future of Blockchain - Blockchain Pushes Information Economics to the Next Stage, Trust Economics

Prof. Eric Maskin of Harvard University and Chen Long, Luohan Academy Executive Director, discuss the operation and mechanism design of blockchain technology, information asymmetry, signaling and other economic issues.

25 October 2020 | Luohan Academy: Ming Qiu, Ruobing Han | Video: 1 hr 3 min.

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The Firm as a Data-Generating Mechanism

Big data is a strategically important resource. It is more likely to be a source of competitive advantage if it is generated in-house. Firms will be larger and more diversified because data analysis benefits from economies of scale.

5 November 2020 | Mark A DeWeaver

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線上研討會: 探討科技股分析重點

這股科技熱潮是否代表全球經濟踏入新常態(New normal)的開端? 還是已經出現泡沫?2021年會不會是2000年的翻版?我們又應當如何分析不同科技公司的生意模式?還有最重要的問題:如何評估其合理價值以及如何衡量風險?對於以上的問題,我們將會在這個科技行業論壇中和大家一一探討。

“Evaluation of New Economy Technology Companies” - a World Investor Week webinar presented by CFA Institute, The Hong Kong Investor and Financial Education Council, ACCA Hong Kong and CFA Society Hong Kong. (In Cantonese)

2020年10月8日 | CFA協會,投委會, ACCA | 片長: 1小時40分鐘

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WEBINAR: Fundamental Principles of Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance is a rapidly growing segment of the global financial system with total AUM of USD2.4 trn. The webinar provides an overview of its fundamental principles: prohibition on charging interest, excessive uncertainty, and profit sharing.

26 August 2020 | CFA Society Indonesia, CFA Society Malaysia, CFA Society Pakistan, CFA Institute | Video: 1 hr 15 min.

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An Introduction to Sustainable Investment

What is sustainable investing? Who uses is? Why is interest in it on the rise? What impact does a sustainability focus have on performance? How can investors implement a sustainable investment portfolio? 

22 September 2020 | FTSE Russell

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WEBINAR: Opportunities and Challenges of ETFs in Asia Pacific: Should we worry about systemic risks?

Despite growth, ETFs in Asia Pacific still account for only 10% of the global ETF assets. What are the challenges facing ETFs in the region? Meanwhile, the immense popularity of ETFs in the United States has raised concerns of systemic risks, such as exacerbating market disruptions. How pertinent are such risks in Asia Pacific?

15 September 2020 | Simon Brailey, Deborah A. Fuhr, Anil Ghelani, CFA, Piotr Zembrowski, CFA | Video: 1 hr 3 min.

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A Case for Dividend Growth Strategies

An allocation to companies that have sustainable and growing dividends may provide exposure to high-quality stocks and greater income over time, therefore buffering against market volatility and addressing the risk of rising rates.

20 August 2020 | S&P Dow Jones Indices: Tianyin Cheng, Izzy Wang

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Inverting Factor Strategies: No More "Monkey Business"

Factor exposures drive the performance of diversified portfolios. This paper analyses the paradox of portfolio strategy weight inversion and explains why beating the market is not so easy that “a monkey could do it”.

23 September 2020 | FTSE Russell: Sergiy Lesyk, Peter Gunthorp, Andy Dougan

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The Sudden Rise of Decentralized Finance: Opportunities and Risks for Financial Services

Although decentralized finance has the potential to disrupt traditional finance, leaders in incumbent financial services also have the opportunity to participate in it and shape its impact on their businesses.

9 September 2020 | BCG Platinion: Igor Mikhaelev, Kaj Burchardi, Paul-Emmanuel Tasiaux. Crypto.com: Kendrick Lau, Erik Lie

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WEBINAR: Improving Transparency and Comparability of Investment Products with ESG-related Features

CFA Institute has issued a Consultation Paper on the CFA Institute ESG Disclosure Standards for Investment Products - a new, voluntary, global industry standard to establish disclosure requirements for investment products with ESG-related features.

21 September 2020 | CFA Institute: Chris Fidler, Deborah Kidd, Mary Leung, CFA | Video: 1 hr 28 min.

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WEBINAR: Understanding Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money

Aaron Tang, Country Manager of Luno Malaysia and Faridq Ridzuan, CFA, discuss the evolution of money and its value, cryptocurrency as an alternative asset class, and trading with cryptocurrency. 

11 October 2020 | CFA Society Malaysia | Video: 1 hr 5 min.

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