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ARX is designed to bring together investment professionals in Asia Pacific and other regions to share their views, knowledge and experience, so that they can learn from their peers and thought-leaders. Below are the most often downloaded posts in the last three months.

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WEBINAR: Future of Skills and Learning: Planning Your Career for the Industry of Tomorrow

In this recorded webinar, Rhodri Preece, CFA and Ryan Munson present key findings from the latest CFA Institute Research report, The Future of Work in Investment Management: Skills and Learning.  The authors discuss the factors disrupting the investment industry today and how job roles will be affected. 

20 September 2022 | CFA Institute | Video: 62 mins.

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Contemporary Islamic Finance Practices 2022

Given its growing importance, multiple CFA societies in the APAC region collaborated to conduct a series of Islamic finance webinars, which took a deep dive into the framework, guidelines, and industry landscape as well as emerging opportunities in this increasingly important market segment.

21 October 2022 | CFA Society Bangladesh; CFA Society Indonesia; CFA Society Malaysia; CFA Society Pakistan

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China EV market: 2Q22 Earnings & Outlook for 2H22 Production Ramp

Nio, XPeng and Li Auto reported weaker deliveries and margins in 2Q22 amidst challenges from COVID-19 lockdowns in China, extreme weather conditions, as well as supply chain uncertainties.

09 September 2022 | LIONEL LIN; SGX RESEARCH

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Asia-Pacific FinTech Month 2022

To help unlock the power of disruptive technologies and to enable digital transformation in business models, customer experiences and skills of investment professionals, CFA Societies in APAC, in partnership with CFA Institute Asia Pacific Research Exchange (ARX) have teamed up to organize a FinTech Month to provide the latest insights on how the fintech ecosystem is evolving, what impact it brings to the financial services industry, and how investors can best position themselves amid these changes.

August 2022 | CFA Institute

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Sector Analysis - A Framework for Investors

CFA Institute and ACCA present a series of articles detailing a framework for analysis of investment fundamentals of industries. 

2020 | CFA Institute

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Market Maps: Performance Insights (USD Edition) - October 2022

Rising recession risks rocked markets anew in September, intensifying the worst rout for global stocks and bonds in a decade or more. 

04 October 2022 | FTSE Russell

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“Chill” about CNY Beyond 7

The CNY weakness reflects deteriorating global fundamentals. Shadow CNY suggests further USD strength and corresponding CNY weakness. A weakening CNY augurs for looming global risks. Stay put.

19 September 2022 | Hao Hong, CFA; GROW Investment Group

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Investor Series: Derivatives/Structured Notes

The investor series aims to provide basic mechanics of investment products, market convention, and process on how people can invest. This webinar focuses on derivatives and structured notes.

23 September 2022 | Mari Toni Bautista, CFA; CFA Society Philippines

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Saving Hong Kong

Chinese PPI, Chinese 10-year yield and US NFIB hiring data suggest US inflation has peaked. These are obscure indicators/relationships. But slowing inflation augurs for a US recession – it is not a cause for rejoice. 

中国 PPI,十年期债券收益率和美国就业数据表明美国通胀已然见顶,但通胀放缓也预示着美国经济的衰退。不同于美国市场,股债之间的对冲关系在中国仍然行之有效。中国还是一个正常运转的市场,因此其资产价格蕴含的信息应更有前瞻性。中国十年期债券收益率上行,与中概股背道而驰。鉴于中国通胀不温不火,若债券收益率上升意味着增长复苏,那么中概股迟早应迎头赶上。买者自负:其他地缘政治因素也不可小觑。港股严重超卖。尽管美国衰退风险黑云压城,但这里应该有一个交易机会。

09 October 2022 | Hao Hong, CFA; GROW Investment Group

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Assessment of the Asset Management Industry in the Philippines

This is the third and last phase of the Society’s study on the Asset Management Industry in the Philippines which covers the UITF, Mutual Fund, and VUL sectors.

23 September 2022 | Arlene Gutierrez; CFA Society Philippines

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WEBINAR: ESG Talent Development Trends and Strategies

CFA Institute is proud to offer the Certificate in ESG Investing to help firms and individuals stay competitive, and to equip them with skills to better integrate ESG factors into their investment analysis and client conversations. This information session highlights the latest trends and opportunities in the ESG investment space, presents details of the curriculum of the Certificate in ESG Investing, and offers a discussion with industry leaders on how they are filling the ESG talent gap in their companies. 

7 June 2022 | CFA Institute | Video: 1 hr 32 min.

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Indexing Islamic REITs

Shariah-compliant real estate indices are designed to provide Islamic investors with a wider range of tools to evaluate the performance of Shariah-compliant real estate equity funds and to support ETFs and other index-based financial products.

17 August 2022 | Michael Orzano; S&P Dow Jones Indices

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Market Maps: Fixed Income Insights China Edition - October 2022

Chinese government bond returns were positive in the third quarter in local currency terms, but the appreciation of the US dollar reduced yuan-based returns for dollar investors. 

10 October 2022 | FTSE Russell

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Impact Investing for Public Pensions as Asset Owners: A Trial Report on the GPIF “Impact Report”

First, explain the overlapping area of impact investing and ESG investing, and the reasons why public pension funds should consider impact investing. Then discuss what kind of impact assessment should be analysed and disclosed.

07 September 2022 | Ryujiro Miki, CFA; Research Institute for Policies on Pension Ageing (RIPPA) in Japanese

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Cryptocurrency vs. CBDC

Neha Narula returns to FTSE Russell Convenes to give us an update on the progress being made in both Central Bank Digital Currencies and Crypto Currencies.

15 August 2022 | FTSE Russell Convenes

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Schrödinger’s Carbon: Intensity and Paris Alignment

A case study illustrates the importance of considering both point-in-time and forward-looking analysis in understanding ESG index performance results, as well as the value of sector-based perspectives.

28 July 2022 | Maya Beyhan, S&P Dow Jones Indices

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China: State-Backed Property Bailout Fund

China plans to set up a bailout fund to alleviate the distress faced by 12 property developers. This fund is much larger than previous local-level bailout funds and could be a major step towards resolving the property crisis. 

26 August 2022 | Karen Wu, CFA; Zerlina Zeng, CFA; Nicholas Chen, Luther Chai, CFA, CreditSights

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Where to invest now

In this episode of FTSE Russell Convenes, Charles talks about his outlook on equities, the niche area of fixed income he finds very attractive right now and which digital assets he thinks are a zero versus those that are really here to stay.

15 August 2022 | FTSE Russell Convenes

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Blue Suits and Greenflation: Exploring ESG Integration

Our fixed income ESG analyst explains what "greenflation" is and discusses why ESG integration into an active fixed income investment process matters so much.

10 August 2022 | MFS Investment Management

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S & SEA Corporates: Currency Risk Exposure

The INR, IDR and PHP have depreciated sharply against the US $ in recent weeks. We analyzed the FX risks emanating from the operations, borrowings and FX hedging strategies of the S&SEA corporates under our coverage. 

26 August 2022 | Lakshmanan R, CFA, FRM; Rohan Kapur, Jonathan Tan, CreditSights

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China Offshore Bond Market 1H2022 Review and 2H2022 Outlook Report: Embracing the Paradigm Shift

The China offshore USD bond new issuance dropped by 37.3% year-on-year in 1H2022. The offshore bond issuance was supported by the refinancing needs of LGFVs, but it was hit by the defaults of Chinese property developers and the Fred rate hike of USD.

18 August 2022 | Dr. Stan Ho, Alex Kung, Ben Yau, Toni Ho, Lianhe Ratings Global

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WEBINAR: The Rise of Indian Private Equity and Venture Capital

In this recorded webinar, Shreekant Daga of CAIA briefly made a presentation on the Indian private equity and venture capital industry. He then joined our panel of experts and discussed the investment landscape and opportunities, the regulatory and policy environment, and the risk factors fund managers should consider before investing.

21 July 2022 | CFA Institute; CAIA Association | Video: 61 min.

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What do C-suite executives need to know about indices?

Read this detailed educational document for a deeper understanding of index basics like what an index is, the benefits of index inclusion, the relationship between liquidity and index inclusion, and about the FTSE UK Index Series.

10 August 2022 | David Sol, FTSE Russell

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Auto sector stimulus to drive near-term sales spike in China

Given the government’s latest stimulus policy directive for the auto industry, PengYuan believes that the central government is determined to ensure that auto sales momentum recovers this time around. 

18 August 2022 | Vincent Ha, CFA, PENGYUAN

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eFinancialCareers 2022 APAC Compensation Report

The new eFinancialCareers 2022 APAC compensation report looks at the comparative compensation for people working in the sell-side and the buy-side in Hong Kong and Singapore, plus average hours worked and how pay evolves with experience.

11 July 2022 | eFinancialCareers

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WEBINAR: Managing Pension Funds for Sustainable Long-Term Return

The Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index 2021 highlights repercussions of the global pandemic and ongoing health crisis on retirement systems globally. While many funds strive for sustainable long-term return, they must also deal with the current realities of extreme valuations and low expected returns, historically low interest rates, and other economic pressures.  What strategies are funds employing in their capital allocation, ESG integration and portfolio optimization process to achieve their long-term financial objectives and better outcomes for retirees? 

11 February 2022 | CFA Institute | Video: 1 hr 11 min.

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What's Yours is Mine and What's Mine is Mine

This article seeks to curb the prevalence of non-compliant related party transactions (RPTs) on the Lusaka Securities Exchange (LuSE) by increasing awareness of such RPTs, examining the harm that they inflict, and proposing actions to mitigate this harm.

27 July 2022 | Sumeet Jain, Godfrey Mwanza, CFA

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WEBINAR: The Case for Venture Capital During Market Volatility

More disciplined financing rounds, emerging managers adding value, and startups learning the fundamentals earlier on are all bright spots in uncertain times. Listen to the recorded webinar where speakers discussed whether investors should be running towards or away from early venture capital.

14 July 2022 | CFA Institute | Video: 61 min.

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Tracking Australia's Growing Agribusiness Sector

With 70% of its agricultural production exported today, Australia could play an integral role in meeting increased demand from the global supply chain.

07 July 2022 | S&P Dow Jones Indices

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