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Investing in Listed Real Estate: Practical Considerations

Real estate is a popular asset class. One of the ways to get exposure to it is via listed real estate companies. In this report we are looking at practical considerations of investing in listed real estate.

10 October 2019 | FTSE Russell

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Corporate Non-Financial (ESG) Incident Report 2018: Top 200 Korean Listed Companies

An overview of ESG incidents among Korea’s top 200 listed companies in 2018, based on Who's Good ESG Incident Analysis, a real-time AI-based corporate ESG risk analysis platform, which analyses incidents reported in news.

22 October 2019 | Who's Good, PBC

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Practitioner's Brief: A Digital Currency Valuation Framework is Born

Although many have dismissed Bitcoin as not having any intrinsic value, analysts and portfolio managers pioneering digital currency trading continue to wrestle with the task of assigning a fair market value to crypto-assets. In the paper “Tokenomics: Dynamic Adoption and Valuation,” Lin William Cong, Ye Li, and Neng Wang have taken a broad leap for the financial industry by providing the first dynamic asset-pricing model of digital coins on blockchain-based platforms.

21 October 2019 | Rich Blake

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Economic Analysis for Non-Economists: The Investment Case for Myanmar 2019

This technical note attempts to assist non-economists in the task of performing an initial economic analysis for an emerging market economy (using Myanmar as a case study), primarily for the purpose of underwriting a cross-border investment. 

27 December 2019 | Paul Anslow

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Factor Investing Considerations: Questions and Answers

Portfolio construction methods are many and varied, particularly when it comes to the creation of portfolios exposed to common factors, such as value, size and quality. In this paper, FTSE Russell addresses questions  frequently asked by clients.

4 December 2019 | FTSE Russell

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Investing in Emerging Market Equities: Developing and implementing strategies that balance risk and reward

The report sponsored by FTSE Russell, featuring whitepapers, interviews, and roundtable debates. It covers tensions, tariffs and trade wars; balancing risk and reward; the business growth cycle in global emerging markets and the role of China.

4 December 2019 | Clear Path Analytics, FTSE Russell

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How Climate Change Could Impact Sovereign Risk

Climate change has implications for sovereign risk in both advanced and emerging economies, via changes in fiscal policy, social contract and political stability. Physical risks correspond to the potential economic and financial losses caused by climate-related hazards. Transition risks can be defined as the risk of economic dislocation and financial losses associated with the process of adjusting to a low-carbon economy.

4 December 2019 | FTSE Russell

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Golfing for Information: Social Interactions and Economic Consequences

Social interactions of company directors at golf courses allows them to acquire information that helps realize higher profits. Such interactions help developers buy new land and sell new units at lower prices, but there are spillover effects.

Winner of the best paper award at the 32nd Australasian Finance and Banking Conference organised by the Institute of Global Finance and the School of Banking and Finance, UNSW Business School, held in Sydney, Australia, on 16-18 December 2019. View all AFBC 2019 submissions.

19 November 2019 Sumit Agarwal, Yu Qin, Tien Foo Sing, Xiaoyu Zhang

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Predictability of ICO Success and Returns

An empirical study of 432 initial coin offerings (ICOs) identifies factors - such as investor sentiment, time horizon and correlation with other assets - that can provide predictability of an ICO’s success and its returns.

This paper has been submitted to the 2019 Australasian Finance & Banking Conference organised by the Institute of Global Finance and the School of Banking and Finance, UNSW Business School. See all AFBC 2019 submissions.

19 November 2019 | Tobias Dean, D Dulani Jayasuriya,  Alastair Marsden

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Bangladesh Steel Industry

Bangladesh is one of Asia's leading emerging steel markets and has a growing need for raw materials and steel-making technologies. Fortunately, the country has a proud heritage of steel making, with over 400 steel, re-rolling and auto-re-rolling mills.

29 December 2019 | Mohammad Asrarul Haque, Abdullah Arif

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Sector Analysis: A Framework for Investors

The key to a company’s success depends on how well it executes its business model. This calls for optimising the allocation of limited resources to generate sustainable cash flows, for investing in new products, technologies, and services in responding to the wider competitive landscape or societal changes and mega trends, as well as for devising appropriate responses in the face of an evolving macroeconomic, regulatory, and political environment.

Different industries often require very different business models; and even within the same industry, the model that does add value to the business may vary somewhat from company to company.

To help investors undertake proper due diligence on a company, CFA Institute has generated a framework of analysis designed to tease out whether the pertinent factors favour the firm in question, and  whether management is effective in executing its business model or value-generating strategies, while responding appropriately to its external environment.

The series of articles addresses individual sectors and incorporates interviews with professionals within those sectors.

1 November 2019 | CFA Institute | 1 CE

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