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ARX is designed to bring together investment professionals in Asia Pacific and other regions to share their views, knowledge and experience, so that they can learn from their peers and thought-leaders. Below are the most often downloaded posts in the last three months.

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Webinar: Q&A on the Evolution of the CFA Program

In this recorded webinar, Grace Yeung, CFA, senior director of exam development, walks through the six updates to CFA® Program and what the changes mean for candidates, and answers questions submitted by webinar participants.   

6 July 2023 | CFA Institute | Video: 45 mins.

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(第二届)2023中国未来金融分析师大赛优秀行业研究报告 – 第1至16名得奖作品

历经数月,由北京市地方金融监督管理局指导,北京市金融发展促进中心与CFA Institute联合主办的2023第二届中国未来金融分析师大赛决赛于2023年5月20日成功举办。


17 Jul 2023 | CFA Institute

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Webinar: Markets in Focus: Looking Beyond the Rate Hikes

Co-hosted with MSCI, our recent webinar examined the dynamic world of index investing. MSCI experts discussed indexes' reactions to rate-cycle pauses and pivots, and the evolving role of equity factors in asset allocation.

13 July 2023 | CFA Institute; MSCI | Video: 1hr 11mins.

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Establishing a Landing Scenario: Hard, Soft or No Landing

It discusses 3 possible landing scenarios based on future real GDP growth and inflation rate, its influence on the Fed's dual mandate of "price stability" and "full employment" and consequent policy rate decision that may be taken by the Fed.

7 Jul 2023 | Siddhartha Chabria, CFA

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Weighted Average Green Revenue (WAGR): Integrating Climate Solutions into Portfolio Construction

We show the value of FTSE Russell Green Revenues data and the use of Weighted Average Green Revenue to assess and integrate climate solutions into portfolios.

12 Jul 2023 | FTSE Russell

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Sector Analysis - A Framework for Investors

CFA Institute and ACCA present a series of articles detailing a framework for analysis of investment fundamentals of industries. 

2020 | CFA Institute

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Webinar: Deep Dive into ESG Ratings and Scores – Opportunities to Enhance Investment Decisions

Watch the webinar on-demand to understand about ESG rating methodologies, integration into investment decision making and future growth opportunities.

11 July 2023 | CFA Institute; Morningstar | Video: 58 mins.

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Numbers and Narrative: Modelling, Story Telling and Investing

Aswath Demodaran shares his investment valuation techniques and processes and illustrates the biggest enemies and mistakes in valuation. Examples include Uber, ChatGPT and others.

29 May 2023 | Aswath Damodaran; CFA Society New Zealand | Video: 48 mins.

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Market Maps: Performance Insights (USD Edition) July 2023

Resilient economic data (particularly in the US), stable interest rates and a weaker US dollar reenergized global equity and corporate bond markets in June, sending them sharply higher for Q2 and year to date.

03 Jul 2023 | FTSE Russell

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WEBINAR: Upskilling with the Enhanced CFA Program

In this webinar, our expert panel examined the latest hiring trends and sought-after skills in the finance industry.

29 March 2023 | CFA Institute | Video: 1hr 12 mins.

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Behavioral Finance: The Third Generation; Finding Well-being

In his presentation at 2023 CFA Society New Zealand Investment Conference, Professor Meir Statman illustrated various aspects of finding well-being among the third generation, and the roles of advisors in promoting them.

01 Jun 2023 | Meir Statman; CFA Society New Zealand | Video: 41 mins.

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Bank Sector Performance and Earnings Update 2022 & Q1‘23

A glance at the current scenario of the Banking sector of Bangladesh and how the listed banks performed in 2022 and Q1 of 2023, along with the ratings assigned by EBLSL Research based on their performances.

19 Jul 2023 | EBL Securities Ltd.

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WEBINAR: 2023 ESG & Climate Trends to Watch - The APAC View

We are proud to partner with MSCI for a ESG webinar series! Our first webinar explored 2023 ESG and climate trends in APAC. Check out the recording now!

28 February 2023 | CFA Institute; MSCI  | Video: 61 mins.

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Sustainable Investments Insights - July 2023

Green equities continue strong recovery in Q2. Get the latest insights on sustainable investment from our Market Maps report.

10 Jul 2023 | FTSE Russell

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Consultation Paper on Enhancement of Climate-related Disclosures Under the Environmental, Social and Governance Framework

CFA Institute and CFA Society co-responded to HKEX’s recent consultation on enhanced climate disclosures. We appreciate this proposal in enabling Hong Kong to be an early adopter of ISSB-aligned disclosures.

14 Jul 2023 | CFA Institute; CFA Society Hong Kong

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Agriculture Tax. What to do and What not to do

Agriculture tax has become popular discussion topic in Pakistan especially in the light of current macro-economic challenges. The piece attempts to learn what are the ways to balance the growth of agriculture sector and Govt's fiscal targets.

14 Jul 2023 | Laraib Mohib, CFA

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Deliberate Decarbonisation: Measuring Transition Intent with TPI MQ Scores

TPI MQ scores measure the quality of companies’ climate management and their decarbonisation intent, allowing investors to identify those more likely to decarbonise in the future.

12 Jul 2023 | FTSE Russell

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Banking salaries and bonuses: eFinancialCareers compensation report 2023

Which are the highest paying jobs in banking and finance? What are salaries and bonuses like for different jobs in investment banking and finance? How many hours do you work? Which jobs pay the most per hour? How does pay progress with experience?

07 Jun 2023 | eFinancialCareers

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Webinar: Changes to the International Valuation Standards (IVS) – Public Consultation on the Exposure Draft

In this event, two technical directors of the IVSC, Alexander Arohnson and Nicolas Konialidis went through the proposed changes and explain their rationales. The IVSC looks forward to receiving feedback both from individuals writing in their personal capacity and from organisations.

4 July 2023 | CFA Institute; IVSC | Video: 1hr 28mins.

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Greenwashing and how to avoid it: An introductory guide for Asia’s finance industry

New guide aims to provide best practices for financial actors to minimise risk of greenwashing.

26 Apr 2023 | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC); ClientEarth

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Bangladesh Budget FY2023-24: Necessity vs. Ambition in a Pre-Election Setting

FY2023-24 budget sizes at USD 70.5 bn, having a revenue target of USD 46.3 bn and deficit of USD 23.9 bn (5.2% of GDP vs. 5.1% in FY2022-23R). Annual Development Program stands at USD 24.4 bn (34.5% of budget), 15.6% up from FY2022-23 Budget (R)

2 Jun 2023 | BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage

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Equities Ignore Recession, Profit Risks

With the financial markets sending mixed signals, how can investors make sense of it all? For equity investors, it is of paramount importance to closely monitor the potential effects of increasing financial stresses on earnings expectations.

15 Jun 2023 | Robert M. Almeida, Jr.; MFS Investment Management

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The Big Mac on Private Assets: The Revenge of Public Fixed Income

After a decade of substantial growth in the private debt asset class, we believe that the tide has turned with public fixed income now offering an attractive — and less risky — alternative.

20 May 2023 | Benoit Anne; MFS Investment Management

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Bangladesh Monetary Policy Statement H1'24 Highlights by EBLSL

The Bangladesh Bank has unveiled its contractionary monetary policy stance for H1 FY'24 to contain inflation and ensure exchange rate stability by introducing a market-driven reference lending rate and an uniform exchange rate regime.

19 Jun 2023 | EBL Securities Ltd.

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Outlook 2H2023: This Time is Different / 2023年下半年展望:进则无咎

If the US can avoid a recession, the recovery will continue, and risk assets will perform eventually. Otherwise, the market will take a dive, but then the PBoC will likely ease further to support the recovery.


22 May 2023 | Hao Hong, CFA; GROW Investment Group

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CFA Society Beijing Podcasts: 行业专家漫谈系列

「特许金融街」是一档由北京金融分析师协会(CFA Society Beijing)发起,面向社会各界听众的金融访谈类播客,我们会邀请各金融细分领域的朋友们一起探讨资本市场热点,圈内秘闻,金融职场等与金融相关的热点话题。

20 June 2023 | CFA SocietyBeijing

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The Suitability & Availability of Financial Services for Gig Workers

CFA Society Singapore believes that with the right and appropriate financial products, the variable income workers will have a higher probability of achieving their aspirations and desired retirement sum.

29 May 2023 | CFA Society Singapore Advocacy Team

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Optimal Portfolio Spread on the Different Industries in the Philippines

The study aims to investigate whether investing in multiple industries is a sufficient strategy to hedge an investor against systematic risk in the Philippines, especially at a time of crisis (i.e., the COVID-19 Pandemic).

28 April 2023 | Diaz, Timothy Ron David; Griño, Maria Teresa; Santos, Marc Sebastian; Tan, Kier Dominic; Teng, Nika Gabrielle; Valencia, Raphael Luis

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Emerging Markets, Emerging Opportunities

The researchers built tangent portfolios from indices from 1) emerging markets, 2)developed markets, and 3) regional markets to explore their associated risks and returns.

28 April 2023 | Marco Antonio S. Adriano; Bianca B. Baldonado; Nathan Gabriel B. Barlis; Aaron L. Gapuz; Patricia A. Prieto; Kiara S. Quintana

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Go Long: Playing a Bigger Game

This article explores the dangers of "long-term washing" and how investors can balance short-term accountability with creating value using a long-term mindset.

12 May 2023 | Vishal Hindocha; Carol Geremia; MFS Investment Management

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