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ARX is designed to bring together investment professionals in Asia Pacific and other regions to share their views, knowledge and experience, so that they can learn from their peers and thought-leaders. Below are the most often downloaded posts in the last three months.

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Sector Analysis - A Framework for Investors

CFA Institute and ACCA present a series of articles detailing a framework for analysis of investment fundamentals of industries. 

2020 | CFA Institute

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APAC Open Day 2024

The CFA Institute APAC Open Day is a virtual conference that brings you insights and advice from the experts and practitioners in the finance and investment field. You will have the opportunity to hear from them about their own career paths and learn directly from employers and HR professionals on how to equip yourself to take advantage of career opportunities ahead.

13 April 2024 | CFA Institute

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Decision Tree Analysis Using Real Options to Give Value to Funding Rounds

This study introduces a novel framework  based on decision tree analysis, integrating real options theory to provide a nuanced valuation model for technology startups.

13 Mar 2024 | Marco Luis P. Austriaco; Nathaniel B. Mariano; Juan Miguel M. Reynante; Victor Malcom J. Medina; Raphael Mika Tolentino

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Simplicity and Complexity — Striking a Balance in Sustainable Investing

This paper explores the implications that higher interest rates may have for sovereign emerging market debt (EMD) investors.

20 May 2024 | MFS Investment Management

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Artificial Intelligence Opening Up New Investment Horizons

As artificial intelligence applications get more intertwined with our daily lives, this paper looks at size and outlook of artificial intelligence market. The paper also looks at various HSIL indexes which track performance of AI-theme companies.

18 Apr 2024 | Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited

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Seven Questions for Selling Discipline

Learn the fundamental principles of disciplined selling in equity markets with this guide by Louise Yamada, CMT. Explore the 7 crucial questions to ask when considering a potential reversal of trend, ensuring preservation of capital in your trading.

22 May 2024 | CMT Association

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Recorded Webinar: Unleashing the Power of AI: Exploring Data Science for Investment Professionals

During the webinar, Charles Cheung, PhD, Solutions Architect Manager and Deputy Director, AI Technology Center of Nvidia and Ginny Wong, PhD, Data Scientist of Nvidia shared their insights on the evolving AI landscape, and how AI is impacting the finance and investment industry from business operations and investment decision-making point of views.

7 November 2023 | CFA Institute | Video:1 hour 13 mins

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Recorded Webinar: Understanding Carbon Market Opportunities - Pricing Methodologies and Trading Strategies

Watch this recorded webinar to learn about the evolution of carbon prices over time, trends in carbon pricing across various regions, companies' internal carbon prices, and the differences between the voluntary and mandatory carbon markets and more.

25 January 2024 | CFA Institute; Monash University | Video:61 mins

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Return Convexity in Trend Following

Paper examines CTA funds, noting reduced convexity in long-term signals vs faster ones. It suggests integrating non-trend signals for better returns, highlighting cross-sectional signals for return convexity and higher returns.

6 May 2024 | Versor Investments 

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eFinancialCareers 2024 Compensation Guide

The eFinancialCareers2024 salary & bonus survey had over 6,000 responses across dozens of the world’s most prominent financial services centers, asking respondents about their salaries, bonuses, work hours, job satisfaction, and more.

15 Apr 2024 | eFinancialCareers

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Consumers’ Reaction to Corporate ESG Performance: Evidence from Store Visit

We investigate end-consumers’ attitudes toward firms’ ESG behavior, and the ability of consumers to affect firms’ ESG policies, using micro-level data. We find that consumers care about firms’ approach toward ESG, and consumers’ behavior can impact firms' ESG policies, using micro-level data.

11 Feb 2024 | Tinghua Duan; Frank Weikai Li; Roni Michaely

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Recorded Webinar: 2024 Sustainability & Climate Trends to Watch — The APAC View

Watch this recorded webinar to take a deep dive into specific areas, such as climate disclosure regulation and natural capital, to see how they shape APAC’s investment landscape and more. 

27 February 2024 | CFA Institute; MSCI | Video:61 mins

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Should Emerging Market Debt Investors Worry About Higher-For-Longer?

This paper explores the implications that higher interest rates may have for sovereign emerging market debt (EMD) investors.

20 May 2024 | MFS Investment Management 

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Recorded Webinar: Interview with Mark Higgins, CFA – Implications from U.S. Financial History

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Mark Higgins, CFA, as he revealed the important lessons from financial history and their impacts on investment decision-making.

15 March 2024 | CFA Institute | Video: 61mins 

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由北京市地方金融监督管理局指导,CFA Institute与北京市金融发展促进中心联合主办的首届中国未来金融分析师大赛决赛于2022年6月25日举行。此次大赛从报名开启至决赛举办历时数月,紧扣绿色发展的核心理念,以“共育绿色发展新生代”为主题。共有来自国内外72所高校(含15所海外知名高校)的354名在读本硕博学生报名组队参赛,共提交62份主题为“‘双碳’目标下,传统能源行业低碳转型的分析与展望”的行业研究报告。经过10名来自总部位于北京的头部金融机构的评审专家综合评定,现将排名前30名的优秀行业研究报告展出。

25 June 2022 | CFA Institute

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CFA Society Beijing Podcasts: CFA Exam Interview with CFA Institute Education Team

Tune in to a CFA Society Beijing podcast to hear education team leaders shed light on the challenges candidates face. We also highlight CFA Institute values, curriculum development, exams, and other trending topics.

17 May 2024 | CFA Institute

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Recorded Webinar: Managing Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities in Equity Analysis and Investment

The Securities Exchange Commission Thailand and CFA Institute co-hosted a webinar in which expert speakers shared their experiences, provided insight into the difficulties of addressing climate change in equity analysis and investment management, global best practices, and discussed how we can improve disclosure and governance to ensure our sustainability goals can be met. 

23 November 2023 | CFA Institute; The Securities Exchange Commission Thailand; CFA Society Thailand | Video:1 hr 40 mins

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(第二届)2023中国未来金融分析师大赛优秀行业研究报告 – 第1至16名得奖作品

历经数月,由北京市地方金融监督管理局指导,北京市金融发展促进中心与CFA Institute联合主办的2023第二届中国未来金融分析师大赛决赛于2023年5月20日成功举办。


17 Jul 2023 | CFA Institute

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Navigating the Climate Finance Landscape: From IPCC Revelations to Sustainable Investment Strategies

This article provides an overview of the sustainability business landscape in Asia and outlines how various industries are working towards the universal goal of 1.5°C as set forth by COP 28. 

30 Apr 2024 | CFA Institute 

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Unlocking Your Potential in the Investment Management Industry with the CFA® Program

As the CFA Program has recently evolved to address the changing finance industry landscape,  tune in and learn about what are the knowledge and skills we equip candidates with to prepare them for successful careers as investment professionals.

27 May 2024 | CFA Institute

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Recorded Webinar: Advancing Talent Developments in Financial Services: Updates on Emerging Global Trends, Their Impact, and Talent Policy Strategies

Tune into this on-demand webinar to learn about HKIMR's latest research report "Advancing Talent Development in Financial Services: Emerging Global Trends and their Impact on Hong Kong". A distinguished panel of industry leaders also shared their insights on talent development, offering perspectives from the global scene, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Greater Bay Area.  

16 April 2024 | CFA Institute; AoF; HKIMR; AIMA | Video: 1hr 23mins

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APAC Open Day - My Career Journey: Investment Management Industry​

The investment management industry is experiencing a dynamic era driven by technological advancements, shifting demographics, and evolving investor preferences. Join esteemed CFA charterholders as they share their rewarding journeys in investment management. They also explain how to forge a fulfilling career amidst these transformative times.

27 May 2024 | CFA Institute

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Career Concerns, Short-Termism, and Real Options: The Case of Delegated Money Management

This paper investigates the value of real options in labor market settings and find that they are of first order importance in explaining optimal career choice and compensation.

09 Feb 2024 | Jules van Binsbergen, Jungsuk Han, Hongxun Ruan, Ran Xing

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Fixed Income Insights (China) – April 2024

China expands fiscal support in 2024 by issuing special government bonds, in addition to monetary policy stimulus. Chinese bond yields fell further in Q1 on monetary easing, but wide rate differentials drove sovereign spreads lower and a weaker yuan.

11 Apr 2024 | FTSE Russell

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Exploring China A-Share Dividends and High Yield Strategy Performance

This paper undertakes a comprehensive examination of the Chinese dividend market, providing insights into the historical performance of the high dividend yield strategy.

27 Feb 2024 | Jason Ye, CFA; Izzy Wong; S&P Dow Jones Indices

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Great Expectations

Financial markets appear optimistic to start the year, while investors currently believe inflation will slow, rates fall, and profits rise. Rob Almeida explains why those beliefs may be contradictory.

15 Jan 2024 | Robert M. Almeida, Jr.; MFS Investment Management

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The Relative Price Premium: Output price dispersion impacts risk premia

This study examines the implications of relative price dispersion for asset prices. Firms that sell goods and services that have increased (decreased) in price relative to the headline inflation rate earn high (low) returns. 

24 Mar 2024 | Yun Joo An; Fotis Grigoris; Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen; Preetesh Kantak

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Decoding Market Behavior: Fear, Greed, and the Human Element

Dive into the dynamics of fear-driven markets with our guest this month, David Keller, CMT, an expert in technical analysis and behavioral finance. Join us as we explore his insights on investor behavior and market dynamics in today's equity markets.

05 Aug 2022 | David Keller, CMT; David Lundgren, CMT, CFA; Tyler Wood, CMT; CMT Association

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Monetary Policy Statement H2’FY24: Money To Turn Costlier Ahead

Bangladesh Bank has increased policy rate by 25 bps and narrowed Interest Rate Corridor. The Bank intends to introduce crawling peg system for exchange rate management. Meanwhile, broad money and credit growth targets have been lowered.

17 Jan 2024 | BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage Limited

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Exploring the Halo Effect in ESG Investing in Indian Equities

Exploring the impact of ESG scores on Indian equity market returns (2013-2023) across 700+ companies, our study finds no systematic outperformance for high-ESG portfolios, challenging the narrative of ESG as a key financial driver.

06 Nov 2023 | Rajan Raju; SSRN

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