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ARX is designed to bring together investment professionals in Asia Pacific and other regions to share their views, knowledge and experience, so that they can learn from their peers and thought-leaders. Below are the most often downloaded posts in the last three months.

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Fixed Income Innovation: Applying ESG and Carry Factors to an Emerging Markets Portfolio

The need for a new generation of ESG fixed income indices is changing the fixed income landscape. Index providers adapt their existing passive, market-weight indices to meet this rapidly changing dynamic.

23 June 2022 | Michael Hampden-Turner, FTSE Russell

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Market Maps by FTSE Russell: Performance Insights - July 2022

Equities and corporate bonds fell further in June, deepening first-half losses, as investors repriced for higher-for-longer inflation, a synchronized central-bank tightening cycle and elevated risks of recession. 

4 July 2022 | FTSE Russell

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WEBINAR: ESG Talent Development Trends and Strategies

CFA Institute is proud to offer the Certificate in ESG Investing to help firms and individuals stay competitive, and to equip them with skills to better integrate ESG factors into their investment analysis and client conversations. This information session highlights the latest trends and opportunities in the ESG investment space, presents details of the curriculum of the Certificate in ESG Investing, and offers a discussion with industry leaders on how they are filling the ESG talent gap in their companies. 

7 June 2022 | CFA Institute | Video: 1 hr 32 min.

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WEBINAR: The Case for Venture Capital During Market Volatility

More disciplined financing rounds, emerging managers adding value, and startups learning the fundamentals earlier on are all bright spots in uncertain times. Listen to the recorded webinar where speakers discussed whether investors should be running towards or away from early venture capital.

14 July 2022 | CFA Institute | Video: 61 min.

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eFinancialCareers 2022 APAC Compensation Report

The new eFinancialCareers 2022 APAC compensation report looks at the comparative compensation for people working in the sell-side and the buy-side in Hong Kong and Singapore, plus average hours worked and how pay evolves with experience.

11 July 2022 | eFinancialCareers

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Factor Dynamics Through the Cycle

In this paper we analyze factor dynamics through the US economic cycle and show that fluctuations in economic activity and economic cycle phases can be relevant to factor performance.

16 June 2022 | MFS Investment Management

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Restructure and Consolidation in the China’s Property Market Continues

Consolidation and restructure of the market continues. China’s property market is undergoing further consolidation and restructuring, with state-owned developers taking over the financially distressed developers.

21 June 2022 | Winnie Guo, Pengyuan International

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Focuses of FY23 Bangladesh Monetary Policy Statement by EBLSL

EPL Securities believes the central bank of Bangladesh will pursue a cautious policy stance to contain inflation, to reduce pressure on exchange rate depreciation and to protect foreign exchange reserves. Download the report to read more.

30 June 2022 | EBLSL Research

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Sector Analysis - A Framework for Investors

CFA Institute and ACCA present a series of articles detailing a framework for analysis of investment fundamentals of industries. 

2020 | CFA Institute

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Impact of Black Swan Events on ESG Relevance

We analyse the active return of the HSI ESG Enhanced Index (the “Index”) by attributing returns into different groups according to ESG performance and conduct back-testing to examine if the Index outperformed the HSI during various black swan events.

08 July 2022 | Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited

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WEBINAR: Enhancing Investors Trust - 2022 CFA Institute Investor Trust Study

The 2022 CFA Institute Investor Trust Study gauges the state of investor trust among retail and institutional investors across 15 geographic markets, and explores the factors influencing trust, such as technology, product innovation, personalization, and sustainability.

14 June 2022 | CFA Institute | Video: 58 min.

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WEBINAR: IPO Opportunities for Startups in Asia

The interest of venture investors in Southeast Asia has been growing. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is seen as one of the most attractive venues for exit strategies by startups and venture capital in the region, as exemplified by two cross-border IPOs listed on the Exchange in 2021.

16 March 2022 | CFA Society Japan, Tokyo Stock Exchange

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Developed Market Sovereign Bonds: ESG Factors Under the Spotlight

This whitepaper examines MFS's approach to developed market sovereign debt analysis and the importance of explicitly integrating ESG factors into the research process.

08 July 2022 | MFS Investment Management

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The Business Media and Mutual Fund Risk Shifting

This paper investigates the impact of the business media coverage of fund holdings on mutual fund risk-shifting in stock holdings. We document that media coverage decreases both across-year risk-shifting and intra-year risk-shifting activities.

This paper was submitted for the Asia Pacific Research Exchange Award at the 2021 New Zealand Finance Meeting.

29 November 2021 | Prince Elvis Asamoah

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ETFs in Insurance General Accounts – 2022

In 2021, U.S. insurance companies added USD 1.5 billion in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to their general account portfolios.  By year-end 2021, U.S. insurers increased their ETF AUM by 15% from 2020.

25 May 2022 | S&P Dow Jones Indices

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Compensation Survey 2021

The eFinancialCareers compensation guide offers detailed insights into pay for key front, middle and back office jobs in banks and the buy-side globally, plus salary and bonus information for jobs in M&A, sales and trading, quant, risk, research,

1 December 2021 | eFinancialCareers

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The (Re)Balancing Act of the S&P 500 ESG Index

The 2022 annual rebalancing of the S&P 500 ESG Index resulted in the exclusion of Tesla, world’s largest electric car maker. The process aims to balance broad-based market exposure with meaningful and measurable sustainability-focused enhancements.

17 May 2022 | S&P Dow Jones Indices

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WEBINAR SERIES: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs have become mainstream in developed countries, and they have also spurred interest and demand locally in Malaysia. In this series of three webinars, speakers share their views and insights on NFTs from the perspective of Malaysian law, look at the current NFT trends and trading strategies, and explore what makes NFTs tick behind the scenes and how to build a solid mental model for understanding them.

10 March 2022 | CFA Society Malaysia.

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Famous Firms, Earnings Clusters, and the Stock Market

Much of the market's annual premium occurs on a few days on which several of the market's most famous firms simultaneously announce earnings after the close. The effect is a pre-announcement drift whereby prices rise before announcements.

27 November 2021 | Yixin Chen, Randy Cohen, Kevin Wang

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#WhyESGMatters: The Handbook - 2nd Edition

Sourced from HSBC's global network of over 300 analysts, this handbook aims to help you broaden your knowledge of key areas of the increasingly important and fast moving world of ESG. 

4 May 2022 | Wai-Shin Chan, HSBC Global Research

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An Interpretation of the Yield Curves during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Introduction to Term Structure of Interest Rates

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, the term structure of interest rates has been unstable, with positive and inverted yield curves occurring in United States. This article helps readers to develop a fundamental understanding of the scenario.

16 May 2022 | Dr. Yoke Yue Kan, CFA

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WEBINAR: Basics of a Research Report

What makes a good research report? Listen in to know how research reports with maximum impact are prepared.

10 May 2022 | CFA Society Philippines | Video: 2 hr 4 min.

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The Big Mac on Asset Allocation: TINA Turnover

Although the case for equities relative to fixed income has been particularly strong lately, the macro backdrop has changed dramatically. As a result, TINA, or “there is no alternative,” may be falling out of fashion.

18 May 2022 | MFS Investment Management

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Careers in Banking and Financial Markets, 2021/2022: The definitive guide to working in banking and finance

Written by experienced industry insiders, the guide provides the unvarnished truth on the variety of roles in the finance industry, what the jobs actually involve, the skills you’ll need, how long you’ll work, and how much you’ll get paid.

1 December 2021 | eFinancialCareers

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WEBINAR: Checking and Reviewing a Financial Model

Financial Modeling is a discipline. A good model needs to tell a story and create confidence for the users and decision makers. Unfortunately, many financial models are a mess which increases the likelihood of errors.

5 May 2022 | CFA Society Philippines | Video: 1 hr 40 min.

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WEBINAR: Modern Slavery Webinar - Legal and Regulatory Landscape

Watch the recorded webinar as it discusses the current state of modern slavery risks, the impact of the COVID-pandemic and the evolving legal and regulatory landscape in several key markets like Australia and Thailand.

27 April 2022 | CFA Institute, Monash University

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WEBINAR: APAC ESG Investment Strategy: Identifying APAC's ESG Trend-setters

Watch the recorded webinar on 2022 ESG trends to watch and trend-setters in the APAC region, with a zoom-in on climate change, biodiversity and supply chains.

7 April 2022 | CFA Institute, MSCI

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The Optimal Nominal Price of a Stock: A Tale of Two Discretenesses

Economists commonly assume that price and quantity are continuous variables, while in reality both are discrete variables. Do less volatile and more active stocks choose higher prices to make pricing more continuous and quantity more discrete?

30 November 2021 | Sida Li, Mao Ye

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CAIA Insights: The Rise of India's Private Equity Market

In “CAIA Insights: The Rise of India’s Private Equity Market,” we showcase insights, spotlight opportunities, and summarize our call to action for India's fast- evolving Private Equity and Venture Capital (PEVC) sector.

21 April 2022 | CAIA Association

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Equity Styles and Factors During Periods of High Inflation

While inflation hasn’t been this high for a long time, there have been multiple episodes of high inflation throughout history to learn from. In this paper, we discuss how equity styles or factors have performed over different inflation environments.

11 April 2022 | MFS Investment Management

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