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Investing in Listed Real Estate: Practical Considerations

Real estate is a popular asset class. One of the ways to get exposure to it is via listed real estate companies. In this report we are looking at practical considerations of investing in listed real estate.

10 October 2019 | FTSE Russell

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Sector Analysis: A Framework for Investors

The key to a company’s success depends on how well it executes its business model. This calls for optimising the allocation of limited resources to generate sustainable cash flows, for investing in new products, technologies, and services in responding to the wider competitive landscape or societal changes and mega trends, as well as for devising appropriate responses in the face of an evolving macroeconomic, regulatory, and political environment.

Different industries often require very different business models; and even within the same industry, the model that does add value to the business may vary somewhat from company to company.

To help investors undertake proper due diligence on a company, CFA Institute has generated a framework of analysis designed to tease out whether the pertinent factors favour the firm in question, and  whether management is effective in executing its business model or value-generating strategies, while responding appropriately to its external environment.

The series of articles addresses individual sectors and incorporates interviews with professionals within those sectors.

1 November 2019 | CFA Institute | 1 CE

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India's Quality Bubble: How Long Can the Bipolar Market Continue?

Indian equity markets have never witnessed as high a valuation in a few stocks for such a prolonged period as we see today. We attempt to unearth and understand the valuation bubble in perceived quality stocks in India.

30 October 2018 | Sunil Singhania, CFA, Abakkus Asset Managers LLP

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What Goes Down Must Come Up: Investigating Companies with Negative Book Value

In this paper, we attempted to study the historical performance of US companies with negative book value relative to the broader US equities, as well as to identify the factors that drive the performance of companies with negative book value.

17 July 2019 | Solactive AG | 1 CE

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Corporate Non-Financial (ESG) Incident Report 2018: Top 200 Korean Listed Companies

An overview of ESG incidents among Korea’s top 200 listed companies in 2018, based on Who's Good ESG Incident Analysis, a real-time AI-based corporate ESG risk analysis platform, which analyses incidents reported in news.

22 October 2019 | Who's Good, PBC

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Improving Market Timing of Time Series Momentum in the Chinese Stock Market

A study examines the profitability of time-series momentum strategies on stocks in the Chinese stock market. It shows that such active technical strategies significantly outperform, on average, buy-and-hold strategies.

This paper has been submitted to the 2019 Australasian Finance & Banking Conference organised by the Institute of Global Finance and the School of Banking and Finance, UNSW Business School. See all AFBC 2019 submissions.

6 November 2019 | Yafeng Qin, Guoyao Pan, Min Bai

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Diversifier, Hedge & Safe Heaven Properties of Cryptocurrencies: The Case Against Asian Fiat Currencies

The hedging property of Bitcoin is limited but reasonably strong for Stellar, Monero and Ripple. Safe haven is a common property among tested cryptocurrencies.

This paper has been submitted to the 2019 “Finance, Property, Technology and Economy Conference” at University of South Australia.

3 October 2019 | Ruzita Abdul-Rahim, Ling Pick Soon

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China Market Strategy - Outlook 2020: Going the Distance

The leading indicator of China’s economic cycle is peaking, and will likely moderate in the coming months. The swine flu epidemic will boost inflation. Industry leaders will continue to offer opportunities. The US is heading for new highs.  

11 November 2019 | Hong Hao, CFA

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Tomorrow Never Dies: Bond. Renewable Bond

A study of the historical performance and characteristics of a basket of sovereign bonds weighted according to their issuing country’s renewable energy generation capacity shows that such strategy outperforms a market-weighted bond portfolio.

4 November 2019 | Solactive AG

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China Icebergs: Forces That Could Reshape the World

This report by Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by PineBridge Investments, examines hidden strengths in the Chinese economy—“icebergs”—that existing and potential investors into the world’s second-largest economy should be watching.

2 October 2019 | PineBridge Investments

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