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ARX is designed to bring together investment professionals in Asia Pacific and other regions to share their views, knowledge and experience, so that they can learn from their peers and thought-leaders. Below are the most often downloaded posts in the last three months.

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Sector Analysis - A Framework for Investors

CFA Institute and ACCA present a series of articles detailing a framework for analysis of investment fundamentals of industries. 

2020 | CFA Institute

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The Elephant in the Investing Room: Self-Awareness

The role of behavioral finance is increasingly getting acknowledged in decision-making. I demonstrate how self-awareness is key to the applications of behavioral finance. I draw in from personal observations and global examples.

16 Oct 2023 | Jolly Balva, CFA; CFA Society India

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Crypto Assets Investment Risk & Opportunities

In this panel discussion of 2023 World Investor Week forum in Taiwan, speakers illustrated some use cases of crypto in the corporate world and the finance industry. They also discussed the risks and opportunities of crypto investment.

2 November 2023 |I.C. Liu, CFA; Alex Liu; Gerald Goh; CFA Society Taiwan | Video: 39 mins.

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Fixed Income Investing in US Recessions

During economic downturns, fixed income has been shown to provide diversification benefits and reduce the volatility of portfolios that include risk assets such as equities.

19 Nov 2023 | David Peterson, CFA; Zachary Knope, CFA; MFS Investment Management

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Estimating Long-Term Expected Returns

We run a horse race of the abilities of different frameworks and input proxies within each framework to estimate 10- and 20-year out-of-sample returns over 140-year and more recent time periods.

20 Nov 2023 | Rui Ma; Ben R. Marshall; Nhut H. Nguyen; Nuttawat Visaltanachoti

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Outlook 2024: A Year of Normalization / 展望 2024:无往不复

Year two of normalization with similar trading range. CNY weakness/China-US yield gap at extremes and set to normalize. PBOC sterilization to wane after strong liquidity growth; fiscal policies coming.


8 Nov 2023 | Hao Hong, CFA; GROW Investment Group

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Recorded Webinar: Unleashing the Power of AI: Exploring Data Science for Investment Professionals

During the webinar, Charles Cheung, PhD, Solutions Architect Manager and Deputy Director, AI Technology Center of Nvidia and Ginny Wong, PhD, Data Scientist of Nvidia shared their insights on the evolving AI landscape, and how AI is impacting the finance and investment industry from business operations and investment decision-making point of views.

7 November 2023 | CFA Institute | Video:1 hour 13 mins

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China - The Winds Of Change In The Economy And Markets

Herald Van Der Linde and Jolly Balva, CFA dig into the sectoral aspects, policy response as well as the geopolitical implications for China's economy. The conversation then goes on to cover what these updates might mean for its markets, inflows

04 Nov 2023 | Herald van der linde, Jolly Balva, CFA; CFA Society India

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Recorded Webinar: Fighting the Shadows: Unraveling Modern Slavery Reporting and Compliance

In this webinar, we invited speakers from the investment and corporate world to discuss initiatives companies have taken to combat modern slavery and the challenges they face to meet the growing expectations of regulators, investors, and society.

5 December 2023 | CFA Institute; Monash University | Video:61 mins

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Incorporating Digital Assets in Investment Portfolios

In the 2023 World Investor Week Forum in Taiwan, Gerald Goh, Founder and CEO of Sygnum bank shared insights on the evolution of Digital Asset Ecosystem and strategies to incorporate digital assets into investment portfolios. 

2 November 2023 |Gerald Goh; CFA Society Taiwan | Video: 44 mins.

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How the Capital Cycle Could Impact 2024

How might investors think about the year ahead? The capital cycle fuels the engine of progress, but it can also create excesses and inefficiencies. Rob examines why that’s relevant today and going forward.

14 Dec 2023 | Robert M. Almeida, Jr.; MFS Investment Management

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Webinar: Deep Dive into ESG Ratings and Scores – Opportunities to Enhance Investment Decisions

Watch the webinar on-demand to understand about ESG rating methodologies, integration into investment decision making and future growth opportunities.

11 July 2023 | CFA Institute; Morningstar | Video: 58 mins.

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Webinar: Changes to the International Valuation Standards (IVS) – Public Consultation on the Exposure Draft

In this event, two technical directors of the IVSC, Alexander Arohnson and Nicolas Konialidis went through the proposed changes and explain their rationales. The IVSC looks forward to receiving feedback both from individuals writing in their personal capacity and from organisations.

4 July 2023 | CFA Institute; IVSC | Video: 1hr 28mins.

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Fixed Income Insights (China) - December 2023

The PBoC increased loans to the banking system to ease liquidity, after bond issuance to finance the Q4 fiscal stimulus had strained liquidity.

07 Dec 2023 | FTSE Russell

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Recorded Webinar: Managing Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities in Equity Analysis and Investment

The Securities Exchange Commission Thailand and CFA Institute co-hosted a webinar in which expert speakers shared their experiences, provided insight into the difficulties of addressing climate change in equity analysis and investment management, global best practices, and discussed how we can improve disclosure and governance to ensure our sustainability goals can be met. 

23 November 2023 | CFA Institute; The Securities Exchange Commission Thailand; CFA Society Thailand | Video:1 hr 40 mins

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How Green is ‘Dark Green’? An Analysis of SFDR Article 9 Funds

We develop a metric of a stock’s implied ‘greenness’ based on the inclusion frequency in SFDR Article 9 funds and analyze the factors driving this greenness score. Our results provide two main findings on investors’ sustainability preferences.

29 Nov 2023 | Marc Chesney; Adrien-Paul Lambillon

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Numbers and Narrative: Modelling, Story Telling and Investing

Aswath Demodaran shares his investment valuation techniques and processes and illustrates the biggest enemies and mistakes in valuation. Examples include Uber, ChatGPT and others.

29 May 2023 | Aswath Damodaran; CFA Society New Zealand | Video: 48 mins.

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Building a Bear-Proof Portfolio

The focus of this research is to create a portfolio of equities that is proven to be resilient to market downturns, and also performs well after a bear market.

28 Apr 2023 | Aiskhylos A. Akiyama; Gabriel Martin Lao A. Chu; Ryan Jacob T. Gatchalian; Vicente Luis M. Llave; Lance Jason T. Teh

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Carbon Emissions & Asset Management

This whitepaper shares findings on the future of asset management amid growing ESG considerations and explains the ways investors can participate in responsible investing practices to achieve net-zero while optimizing investment outcomes.

01 Jul 2023 | Ashwin Alankar; Myron Scholes

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(第二届)2023中国未来金融分析师大赛优秀行业研究报告 – 第1至16名得奖作品

历经数月,由北京市地方金融监督管理局指导,北京市金融发展促进中心与CFA Institute联合主办的2023第二届中国未来金融分析师大赛决赛于2023年5月20日成功举办。


17 Jul 2023 | CFA Institute

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The Big Mac on Cash Allocation

With the federal funds rate at or near peak levels, we believe that cash is likely to start underperforming credit in the period ahead. We favor deploying some credit risk as an attractive alternative to a cash allocation.

24 Oct 2023 | Benoit Anne; MFS Investment Management

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Webinar: Markets in Focus: Looking Beyond the Rate Hikes

Co-hosted with MSCI, our recent webinar examined the dynamic world of index investing. MSCI experts discussed indexes' reactions to rate-cycle pauses and pivots, and the evolving role of equity factors in asset allocation.

13 July 2023 | CFA Institute; MSCI | Video: 1hr 11mins.

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Recorded Webinar: Quantifying Biodiversity-Driven Risks and Opportunities for Resilient Portfolios

Watch this on-demand webinar co-hosted by CFA Institute and MSCI focusing on biodiversity, where leaders explained the associate financial implications and discussed on how investors could address nature related risks and opportunities in their portfolios.

9 November 2023 | CFA Institute; MSCI | Video:61 mins

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Blockchain – The Underlying Technology of Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology has potential beyond crypto. Discover its characteristics and use cases in our latest article now!

6 March 2023 | Kenneth Kwong, CFA

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Taiwan’s Crypto Trend and Developments

Alex Liu, CEO of MaiCoin Group introduced the 2023 Taiwan blockchain ecosystem and shared his thoughts on Taiwan’s crypto trend and developments including technology advancement, market potentials and regulatory landscape.

2 November 2023 | Alex Liu; CFA Society Taiwan | Video: 28 mins.

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WEBINAR: 2023 ESG & Climate Trends to Watch - The APAC View

We are proud to partner with MSCI for a ESG webinar series! Our first webinar explored 2023 ESG and climate trends in APAC. Check out the recording now!

28 February 2023 | CFA Institute; MSCI  | Video: 61 mins.

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Red Ocean: A Glimpse of Banking and FinTech

This article gives an overview of several FinTech trends in the banking industry. It touches on Virtual Bank, M&A Strategy, and Blockchain application in the industry.

4 October 2023 | Kenneth Kwong, CFA; Calvin Gan; Hart Li; Vic Wu; Alizee Chen

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Fixed Income Insights (China) - November 2023

Falling property investments in China drove a downgrade to growth projections, despite a rebound in exports. Increased issuance may weigh on sovereign bonds in Q4. Download the FTSE monthly fixed income insights report for detailed analysis.

6 Nov 2023 | FTSE Russell

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Fixed Income Insights (Japan) - November 2023

Wide dispersion of growth and inflation rates within the G7 shows little sign of ending. But the BoJ relaxed curve control further to reduce pressure on the yen, and the disruptive scale of JGB buying to defend the 1% target. 

6 Nov 2023 | FTSE Russell

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Fun and Games - Investment Gamification and Implications on Capital Markets

Gamification and other behavioral techniques have many positive uses, such as education, but these methods could also be exploited to promote excessive trading. This paper analyzes the main issues and recommends reforms to prevent abuses.

16 November 2022 | CFA Institute

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