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ARX helps practitioners keep up to date on current and emerging industry topics. Our collection of video webinars, created by CFA Institute and CFA societies in Asia Pacific, covers many topics relevant to investment professionals in the region.

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Advancing Talent Developments in Financial Services: Updates on Emerging Global Trends, Their Impact, and Talent Policy Strategies

Tune into this on-demand webinar to learn about HKIMR's latest research report "Advancing Talent Development in Financial Services: Emerging Global Trends and their Impact on Hong Kong". A distinguished panel of industry leaders also shared their insights on talent development, offering perspectives from the global scene, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Greater Bay Area.  

16 April 2024 | CFA Institute; AoF; HKIMR; AIMA | Video: 1hr 23mins

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Interview with Mark Higgins, CFA – Implications from U.S. Financial History

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Mark Higgins, CFA, as he revealed the important lessons from financial history and their impacts on investment decision-making.

15 March 2024 | CFA Institute | Video: 61mins 

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2024 Sustainability & Climate Trends to Watch — The APAC View

Watch this recorded webinar to take a deep dive into specific areas, such as climate disclosure regulation and natural capital, to see how they shape APAC’s investment landscape and more. 

27 February 2024 | CFA Institute; MSCI | Video:61 mins

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Understanding Carbon Market Opportunities - Pricing Methodologies and Trading Strategies

Watch this recorded webinar to learn about the evolution of carbon prices over time, trends in carbon pricing across various regions, companies' internal carbon prices, and the differences between the voluntary and mandatory carbon markets and more.

25 January 2024 | CFA Institute; Monash University | Video:61 mins

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Fighting the Shadows: Unraveling Modern Slavery Reporting and Compliance

In this webinar, we invited speakers from the investment and corporate world to discuss initiatives companies have taken to combat modern slavery and the challenges they face to meet the growing expectations of regulators, investors, and society.

5 December 2023 | CFA Institute; Monash University | Video:61 mins

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Managing Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities in Equity Analysis and Investment

The Securities Exchange Commission Thailand and CFA Institute co-hosted a webinar in which expert speakers shared their experiences, provided insight into the difficulties of addressing climate change in equity analysis and investment management, global best practices, and discussed how we can improve disclosure and governance to ensure our sustainability goals can be met. 

23 November 2023 | CFA Institute; The Securities Exchange Commission Thailand; CFA Society Thailand | Video:1 hr 40 mins

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Quantifying Biodiversity-Driven Risks and Opportunities for Resilient Portfolios

Watch this on-demand webinar co-hosted by CFA Institute and MSCI focusing on biodiversity, where leaders explained the associate financial implications and discussed on how investors could address nature related risks and opportunities in their portfolios.

9 November 2023 | CFA Institute; MSCI | Video:61 mins

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Unleashing the Power of AI: Exploring Data Science for Investment Professionals

During the webinar, Charles Cheung, PhD, Solutions Architect Manager and Deputy Director, AI Technology Center of Nvidia and Ginny Wong, PhD, Data Scientist of Nvidia shared their insights on the evolving AI landscape, and how AI is impacting the finance and investment industry from business operations and investment decision-making point of views.

7 November 2023 | CFA Institute | Video:1 hour 13 mins

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Climate Finance with CFA Institute and ACCA: An Introduction to the Course for Business and Finance Professionals

In this information session, representatives from CFA Institute and ACCA explained the rationale behind constructing the climate finance online course, introduced the course curriculum and e-learning system and answered any questions you may have.

19 September 2023 | CFA Institute; ACCA | Video:51mins

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Introduction to the New Investment Foundations Certificate - Who Should Take It and Why

In this webinar, Grace Yeung, CFA explores how the Investment Foundations® Certificate can help candidates familiarize themselves with the essential concepts of the investment industry. Richard McGillivray also answers questions from the audience.

5 September 2023 | CFA Institute | Video: 1hr

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Markets in Focus: Looking Beyond the Rate Hikes

Co-hosted with MSCI, our recent webinar examined the dynamic world of index investing. MSCI experts discussed indexes' reactions to rate-cycle pauses and pivots, and the evolving role of equity factors in asset allocation.

13 July 2023 | CFA Institute; MSCI | Video: 1hr 11mins.

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Deep Dive into ESG Ratings and Scores – Opportunities to Enhance Investment Decisions

Watch the webinar on-demand to understand about ESG rating methodologies, integration into investment decision making and future growth opportunities.

11 July 2023 | CFA Institute; Morningstar | Video: 58 mins.

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Q&A on the Evolution of the CFA Program

In this recorded webinar, Grace Yeung, CFA, senior director of exam development, walks through the six updates to CFA® Program and what the changes mean for candidates, and answers questions submitted by webinar participants.   

6 July 2023 | CFA Institute | Video: 45 mins.

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Changes to the International Valuation Standards (IVS) – Public Consultation on the Exposure Draft

In this event, two technical directors of the IVSC, Alexander Arohnson and Nicolas Konialidis went through the proposed changes and explain their rationales. The IVSC looks forward to receiving feedback both from individuals writing in their personal capacity and from organisations.

4 July 2023 | CFA Institute; IVSC | Video: 1hr 28mins.

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Upskilling with the Enhanced CFA Program

In this webinar, our expert panel examined the latest hiring trends and sought-after skills in the finance industry.

29 March 2023 | CFA Institute | Video: 1hr 12 mins.

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Up your ESG Game: Plugging the Talent Gap

In this webinar, key topics included the Certificate in ESG Investing, government support, and employer recognition.

14 March 2023 | CFA Institute; CFA Society Hong Kong  | Video: 61 mins.

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2023 ESG & Climate Trends to Watch - The APAC View

We are proud to partner with MSCI for a ESG webinar series! Our first webinar explored 2023 ESG and climate trends in APAC. Check out the recording now!

28 February 2023 | CFA Institute; MSCI  | Video: 61 mins.

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Fun and Games - Investment Gamification and Implications for Capital Markets

In this webinar, Sivananth Ramachandran, CFA, CIPM, described the various gamification techniques and how they act on investor biases. He also described the capital market implications of gamification, and some recommendations on how these techniques can be made to work for investors, rather than against their interests.

9 February 2023 | CFA Institute  | Video: 58 mins.

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ESG Competencies for Your Career - Key Updates to the Certificate in ESG Investing

In our latest webinar “ESG Competencies for Your Career”, speakers shared their perspectives on ESG talent development. Key updates to our Certificate in ESG Investing, which aims to meet the growing demand for ESG talent from financial institutions, were also provided.

9 December 2022 | CFA Institute  | Video: 63 mins.

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Guidelines for ESG Integration in Equity Analysis and Presentation in Analyst Research Reports

Co-hosted by the Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand and CFA Society Thailand, the webinar covered various approaches to ESG integration and their respective case studies.

24 November 2022 | CFA Institute; CFA Society Thailand; Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand | Video: 2hrs 1min.

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Modern Slavery Webinar Series - Tackling Modern Slavery through Investment Management

Presenting to you the Modern Slavery Webinar Series co-organized by CFA Societies Australia and Monash University! This second webinar focuses on how investors can identify and address exposure to modern slavery risks in portfolios.

10 November 2022 | CFA Societies Australia; Monash University; RIAA | Video: 59 mins.

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《投資在「通脹、加息、經濟放緩」時》 投資者教育講座


13 October 2022 | CFA Institute; CFA Society Hong Kong; IFEC | Video: 1hr 17mins.

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Future of Skills and Learning: Planning Your Career for the Industry of Tomorrow

In this recorded webinar, Rhodri Preece, CFA and Ryan Munson present key findings from the latest CFA Institute Research report, The Future of Work in Investment Management: Skills and Learning.  The authors discuss the factors disrupting the investment industry today and how job roles will be affected. 

20 September 2022 | CFA Institute | Video: 62 mins.

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